CaptureSpace Lite: Create a Recording

If this is your first time using CaptureSpace Lite, you will need to download and install the program. Refer to this tutorial for more information on the process.

  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Select My Media on the left-hand side of the screen.
    Bb My Media
  3. Click the Add New button at the top-right.
    CaptureSpaceLite Screen Recording "Add New"
  4. Select CaptureSpace Lite.
    Click Capture Space Lite
  5. The Settings tab is a centralized screen that enables you to manage the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder. Screen Recording - Save file location.Here you can:
    • Determine the location where your video files are stored before they are uploaded to Kaltura.
    • Select any webcam from the drop down list and see the preview.
    • Select the recording quality: 480p or 720p for webcam, 720p or 1080p for screen recording.
    • Select any microphone from the drop down list and gauge the voice level using the microphone meter.
    • Important: Click Save at the bottom-right corner or your changes will be lost!
  6. Select the Record tab and then click on one of the four options to begin your recording.
    1. If you choose Screen or Screen and Webcam, you have two choices: (a) Full Screen records the entire screen of your desktop/laptop; (b) Select Area only records a particular section of the screen that you want recorded. After you choose, click record and the recording will begin after a five second countdown.Screen Recording - Choose Screen Capture Size
      ** Note: When recording a PowerPoint, we recommend NOT using presenter mode. Instead, choose Select Area (see above) and select the slide area on the right. 
    2. If you choose Webcam, you will see a preview of the webcam feed and the recording will start automatically after a five second countdown. 
    3.  If you choose Voice, the recording will start automatically after a five second countdown. 
  7. Once the recording begins once the countdown ends.
    There are three or four options in the recording window. (Mac users: if it does not appear, you may have to click on the CaptureSpace icon on the dock.)

    1. For Screen Recording, there are four options: Draw, Pause, Done, and Cancel. 
      Under Draw, the options are: 1. Mouse, 2. Drawing Pen, 3. Highlighter, 4. Rectangle Tool, 5. Undo, 6. Clear All Drawings, 7. Arrow Tool, 8. Circle Tool, 9. Line Tool, 10. Eraser, 11. Redo, 12. Pen Thickness, 13. Pen Color.Screen Recording - Tool BarScreen Recording -Drawing Tools
    2. For Webcam or Voice recording, there are three options: Pause, Done, and Cancel.
      Audio Capture Options
  8. Click Done when recording is finished.
    Screen Recording - Click Done
  9. On the next screen, you will have the option of doing some basic editing to your audio or screen recording. You can find help on editing on Kaltura’s site.
    Screen Recording - Click Done Part 2
  10. Click Done to save the recording.
  11. You will see a new page appear titled Upload Options. Give your recording an appropriate title and description.Screen Recording - Add title and desc.
  12. There are several actions you can take: 1. Upload, 2. Preview, and 3. Save. Clicking Upload automatically uploads the video to your My Media on Blackboard. Preview allows you to watch the video before uploading or saving. Save will save the video to the location that you previously chose before beginning the screen capture.Screen Recording - Select Options to Publish
    1. Clicking Upload will send your video onto your My Media page. Once the video uploads, click the link in the pop-up window.
      Screen Recording - Link to Video
    2. Alternatively, you can access My Media through Blackboard. (Follow steps 1-2.)
      Screen Recording Access My Media
    3. IMPORTANT: Once your video has been uploaded, its details (title, description, and tags) cannot be edited again unless you make changes to the video itself (see below). If you want to make any further changes to the details, access the video through My Media.
  13. After saving, your recording can always be found under the Library tab in CaptureSpace.
    CS - Library Video

    1. To change the folder that stores your video, click Settings. Under Local Media Files Storage, click Browse and select the folder that you would want to save your recordings in.
      CS - Local Media Files Storage
    2. Click Save to save changes.
  14. If more changes must be done to the recording, hover your mouse over the intended recording and click Edit when it appears on the right hand side.
    CS - edit
  15. Under Upload Options, you can edit your title, description, and tags to the video only if your video has not been uploaded.
    CS - upload options

    1. If you wish to make further edits to the video itself, click Preview.Screen Recording - Preview
    2. Once you have made the edits, click Apply. Click Done when you have finished making edits. You can either upload the new video to My Media or save it to the designated folder on the computer.Screen Recording - Apply Edits