Using the Rollins Faculty Template

What is the Rollins Faculty Template?


The Rollins faculty template in Foliotek is a tool to help you create an ePortfolio (or website) that highlights your professional interests and accomplishments. You can add a link to this ePortfolio on the Rollins’ website so that others, including current and prospective students, can learn about your teaching, scholarship, and research. 

Sample Faculty ePortfolios

 Amy Armenia’s ePortfolio

Screenshot of Amy Armenia's ePortfolio


Jennifer Queen’s ePortfolio 

Screenshot of Jennifer Queen's ePortfolio


How can I access the template?

Once you create an ePortfolio in the Presentation part of Foliotek, you will be able to choose the “Rollins Faculty Template.”

Are there any tips for using this template?

  • This template was created with accessibility and consistency in mind. We recommend that you use the default fonts and styles provided in this template. 
    • If you copied/pasted text into Foliotek, you may need to reformat the text to the default font. Select all of the text, then go to the Font drop-down list and select “Normal.”
  • Keep accessibility in mind.
    • Use a consistent font size and color. 
    • Avoid using all caps since this may be difficult to read.
    • Make sure there is strong contrast between the text and the background.
  • Use professional images in your portfolio. 
  • Add visual elements to add interest to your portfolio.
    • Embed a professional head shot in the text box on the Introduction page. 
    • You could add logos and hyperlinks to your Professional Organizations page.
    • You could embed video and documents into your pages.

Can I modify this template?


Yes, you can rename, delete, or add headings as needed. Foliotek refers to these headings as “Pages.” You can also change the font and size of the text.

Can I include an image?


Yes, you can display images, such as a professional headshot, on any page of your ePortfolio.

What other content can I display?

In addition to including images, you can type text and embed videos and documents like PDFs and PowerPoints. 

You have 500 MB of total storage for files, videos, and images across all your Foliotek ePortfolios. If you need more space for your portfolio’s files, you can utilize Foliotek’s built-in Google Drive integrations.

How do I share my ePortfolio with others?

Sharing your ePortfolio will give you the option to create a link to your portfolio. You can share this link with others, include it in your email signature, and have it added to the Rollins’ website.