Evaluate Students

  1. Click Portfoli0-Integrated Evaluations on the left-hand menu.
    Foliotek FacultyPIE
  2. Select the appropriate portfolio.
    Foliotek EvaluatorPortfolioChoice
  3. Select the appropriate level.
    Foliotek EvaluatorEvaluation
  4. Click Begin ___ Reviewer Initial on the right in the action column.
    Note: The status column lets you know where in the process this review is (each paper can be reviewed by maximal 3 reviewers)
    The action column lets you see the review of other reviewers and allows you to begin your own review.
    Foliotek EvaluatorBeginEval
  5. Click on the appropriate assignment.
    Foliotek EvaluatorAssignment
  6. Access the assignment through the provided link(s).
    Foliotek EvaluatorAccessFiles
  7. Fill out the rubric by clicking the box appropriate for each row. If you want to see the details to each category, click evidence.
    Foliotek EvaluatorRubricFilled
  8. Add comments and/or upload an attachment if necessary. Once you are finished, click OK.
    Foliotek EvaluatorFinishAssessment
  9. Click Submit Evaluation & Publish Scores.
    Foliotek EvaluatorSubmit