Telepresence Faculty Set Up Checklist

Prior to Class

  • Set up WebEx meeting and send invites to students.
  • Schedule the WebEx session to open prior to the class start time so that virtual attendees have time to connect and test sound.
  • Upload class materials (e.g., PPTs, handouts) to Blackboard.
  • Determine what content will be displayed during the session.
  • If you will use the desktop computer in the classroom, have the content ready to load onto the computer.
  • Determine the interactions that will occur between the virtual students, students in the classroom, and the instructor.
  • Think about when you will use Presenter mode and speaker tracking.
  • Go into the room and practice using the technology so that you feel comfortable using it during class.
  • Provide students with an opportunity to access and practice using WebEx prior to the first session.
  • Send students a reminder about the session and what they will need to prepare for the session (e.g., download documents from Blackboard).
  • Virtual attendees will need video and audio.
  • Do virtual attendees need access to something that will be provided in the classroom?
  • Are any virtual students expected to present or lead a discussion?
  • Do they need any special technology tools to do so?
  • Decide if you want to record the WebEx session.

Day of Class

  • Allow plenty of time to set up the TelePresence call and share your content.
  • Have the content you plan to share open and ready to display.
  • Discuss class etiquette with students.
  • How should virtual attendees ask questions? Would you like them to raise their hand in WebEx?
  • Let students know that when the cameras are set to speaker tracking they will focus on the person talking. Keep side conversations to a minimum.
  • Optional:  Record WebEx session.
  • At the end of the session, click the settings gear in the top left of the control panel and tap Standby.
  • Save any files that you stored on the podium computer in another location (e.g., flash drive, OneDrive).

After Class 

  • Send WebEx recording link to students.
  • Solicit student feedback and make note of what worked and what didn’t work so that you can make modifications as needed.