Record Your Screen in Kaltura

Kaltura allows you the option of recording from a webcam or directly from your screen. To record with a webcam, ensure you have an internal or external webcam installed. You do not need any special installations to record from your screen.

Record from Your Screen

  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Click My Media.Bb My Media
    1. If the My Media box does not appear, click Add Module near the top-left.
      Bb Add Module
    2. Scroll down until you find My Media (the entries are in alphabetical order) and click Add.
      Bb AddModule My Media
  3. Click Add New at the top-right.
    Blackboard - My Media Add New 2016
  4. Click Screen Recording.
    Blackboard - My Media Add New Screen Recording 2016
  5. Click Launch the screen recorder.
    Blackboard - Launch Screen Recorder 2016

    1. You may receive one or multiple prompts asking to enable Java, which is required for Kaltura to function. Allow Java to run.
  6. A dotted-lined box with a menu (pictured below on the left) will appear. Once you start recording, it will change into a red box (pictured below on the right) will appear and everything within that box will be recorded.
    Kaltura Record Screen Info
  7. Name your video and click Upload.
    Blackboard - Screen Record Title 2016
  8. Once the upload is complete, click Close.
    Blackboard - Upload Complete 2016
  9. In the original window, you will be prompted to add a Description, search Tags, and whether or not to set your video to Private (available to you only) or Published (public). Once you are finished, click Save.


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