Link to Course Document

In the event that you upload the incorrect file to a course document item, the file becomes damaged as a result of a course transfer, or you simply just want to delete an attachment, you have the ability to delete the incorrect link and/or link the correct file.

  1. Navigate to the course document with the incorrect/corrupt attachment. If it is corrupt, the file will have a red background and say “(Invalid File).”
    Blackboard - Course Document Invalid File
  2. Ensure that Edit Mode is set to On. Hover over the entry and click the arrow that appears to the right of the entry title.
    Blackboard - Course Document Chevron
  3. Click Edit in the new menu.
    Bb Assignment Edit
  4. Scroll down to the Attached Files section. To the right of the incorrect attachment, click “Mark for removal.” Clicking this will change the button to say “Unmark for removal,” indicating that upon finishing your changes the attachment will be severed.
    Blackboard - Attachment Corrupt MarkPlease Note: This will not delete the actual file from your Course Files, it will just remove the link to that file from the current Course Document.
  5. If you only wish to remove an attachment, you may scroll down and click Submit now. Otherwise, above “Attached files” you have two options for attaching files:
    Blackboard - Attach File Options

    1. Browse My Computer
      1. Choose the file from your computer to upload.
    2. Browse Course
      1. A pop-up will open that will allow you to browse your course for files already uploaded/transferred from another course.
      2. You can search for files in the top-right search bar.
        Blackboard - Browse Course File Search
      3. Click the check box to the left of the file(s) you wish to attach.
        Blackboard - Browse Course File Select Large
      4. Click Submit at the bottom right of the pop-up window.
  6. Scroll down and click Submit.
    Bb Submit