Link Mediasite Videos into Blackboard

  1. Log into your course.
  2. Go to the place in the course where you want to have the video (for example course documents).
  3. Make sure that your Edit Mode is on (in the upper right hand corner of the window).edit mode on
  4. Hover over the Building Content button at the top left hand of the screen.
  5. Click on “Mediasite- Link to Presentation(s).steps 4-5_arrows
  6. Type in your presentation/video name and click Search Presentations.Mediasite Link to Pres Pic 1
  7. To edit the title of the video, click on the plus sign next to the listing and click Update when finished.Mediasite Link to Pres Pic 4
  8. Check the box next to the preferred video, and click Submit.Mediasite Link to Pres Pic 2
  9. You should receive a message that the content was added successfully. successful
  10. The video is now available in Blackboard, where you placed it.Mediasite Link to Pres Pic 5