Finalize Grades in Blackboard

  1. Spot-check grades to verify that the weights are correct and that there are no duplicate or hidden columns. One option is to download grades to Excel to check calculations (see step 3 below for directions to download grades).
  2. Review weighted totals and categories.
    1. Click on the chevron Chevron for each Grade Center column and select Edit Column Information to view the assigned categories and other grade column settings.
      Drop Menu that opens for "Weighted Total."
  3. Set up the categories or weights if they are not set up correctly.
    1. Create Weighted Grade Columns
  4. Check for hidden grade columns by clicking on Manage then select Column Organization.
    "Column Organization" within "Manage" drop-down menu.
  5. Submit final grades in Foxlink.


Customizing Grading with Grade Schemas