Export a copy of your course content and save on OneDrive

  1. Create a backup of  your course content.
  2. Go to https://rshare.rollins.edu and log in using your FoxID and password.
  3. In the upper right corner, click on OneDrive.
    "OneDrive" link next to "Newsfeed" and "Sites."
  4. Enter your FoxID and password again and click Log In.
  5. Click “+ new document” to create a new folder or file, or to import an existing file. You may also drag and drop files into the center area of the page.
  6. (Please Note: You cannot copy folders, only individual files.)"+ new document" button underneath "Documents" header.
  7. The page that loads is very similar to your departmental SharePoint site. Important Note: SharePoint is accessible from multiple computers and is FERPA compliantDo not place grade or course files in the folder titled Shared with Everyone! Create a new folder with “+ new document.”