Edit Blackboard Course Menu

Add Items to Course Menu

  1. Log in to Blackboard and navigate to your course.
  2. Ensure that Edit Mode is On at the top-right corner. If it is Off, click it to turn it on.
  3. On the left side of your course, hover over the + icon at the top left of the menu to bring down a list of options.
    "Plus" button at the top of the course menu.Dropdown menu under "plus" button.
  4. Choose the appropriate option for the type of menu item that you’d like to add. The most relevant types are as follows:
    • Content Area: A folder for your pages, assignments, files, etc. The default “Course Documents” link is an example of a Content Area.
    • Blank Page: A single page with no sub-pages. Useful for highlighting a single, important document, such as the course syllabus.
    • Tool Link: A link to a course tool of your choice.
    • Web Link: A link to an external website.
  5. Fill in the title and any relevant options.
  6. If this is content that you want your students to be able to see, make sure that the option Available to Users is selected before you click the Submit button. If this box is left unchecked, your students will not be able to see the material.
    Checkbox for "Available to Users" under Add Content Area.

Reorganize Course Menu Links

  1. Hover over the menu item that you would like to move.
  2. Click and drag the arrow button to the left of the link to the desired location on the course menu.
    Arrow next to link, only appears while hovering over.

Edit Course Menu Links

  1. Hover over the menu item that you would like to edit and click the button to the right of it.
    Arrow button to the right of content link.
  2. Choose the appropriate option and follow any additional prompts.
    Dropdown menu from arrow to the right of content link.