Creating Content in Blackboard

Before you begin creating content in your Blackboard course, think about the different types of materials that you would like to share (e.g., documents, PowerPoints, videos) and how you would like to organize these materials for students. There are a variety of options for creating content in Blackboard. These options are highlighted below.

Content Areas

You will build content in your Blackboard course within a content area. The default content area in your course is the Course Documents link on the course menu.

Course Menu - Course Documents

You may add additional content areas to the course menu. For example, you may want to add a content area titled Syllabus so this document will be easily accessible to students.  A best practice recommendation is to keep the course menu simple and not add too many items. To add a content area to the course menu, click on the plus sign icon in the top left of the menu.

Dropdown menu under "plus" button.

You will know when you are in a content area in Blackboard when you see the Build Content options in the gray bar.

Build Content


You may create folders within a content area to organize content by topic, category, or week. Using folders is recommended when you have a lot of content to add within a content area since it will require less scrolling and searching for students.

To create a folder within a content area, hover your mouse over Build Content and then select Content Folder. Enter a title for the folder, optionally give the folder a text description, and click Submit.

Content Folder

Uploading Files to Blackboard

You may upload a variety of file types to Blackboard, including Word documents, PDF files, PPT files and more. Students are able to view PDF files within the browser and will not have to download them from Blackboard like they will with Word documents , PPT files, or other file types.

To upload files to your course, navigate to the content area where you would like to add the files, hover your mouse over Build Content, and select Item or File. Creating an Item allows you to write a description and attach the document whereas creating a File does not allow you to add a description. Items and Files display uploaded documents differently for students as well. See examples of how they appear in the screenshot below.

Item and FIle

Creating Content Pages (Blank Pages) Directly in Blackboard

Creating content pages directly in Blackboard rather than posting Word documents and PDFs allows you to include text, images, videos, and links to webpages within a page that opens in the web browser. Blackboard refers to these content pages as Blank Pages. Other advantages of creating content pages in Blackboard include making the content more accessible to students (e.g., view the content on a mobile device and eliminates the need to download a document) and easier for you to update. There may still be some content that is appropriate to present in another format (e.g., Word or PDF) such as an article or a form you would like students to complete. If you create Blank Pages in Blackboard, we recommend backing up your content in a Word document since there is no backup of the content if you forget to click Submit to save your changes or have a connectivity issue.

You may add a Blank Page to your course menu or to a content area (e.g., Course Documents).

For more information about Blank Pages, view the video below: