Create Weighted Grade Columns

Creating a Weighted Grade Column in Blackboard is a three-step process. Before you begin, you should locate your Syllabus document for the course and identify the grade categories you would like to create (e.g., attendance, quizzes, papers, final

Create Categories

  1. Click on Grade Center in the Control Panel.
    "Grade Center" under "Control Panel."
  2. Click Full Grade Center.
    "Full Grade Center" within "Grade Center" drop-down.
  3. In the Grade Center, hover over Manage and click Categories.
    "Categories" within "Manage" tab.
  4. On the Categories page, Blackboard has created some common categories that you may use (e.g. Test, Discussion, Assignment, etc.). To create a new category, click Create Category on the action bar.
    "Create Category" under "Categories."
  5. On the Create Category page, fill in the category Name (e.g., Quizzes) and an optional Description. The description can help differentiate categories and explain a category’s purpose.
    Name and Description within "Create Category."
  6. Click Submit.



Assign Weights to Grade Categories

  1. Click on Full Grade Center in the Control Panel.
  2. Select the chevron next to the Weighted Total column.
    Chevron next to "Weighted Total."
  3. Click Edit Column Information.
    Drop Menu that opens for "Weighted Total."
  4. In section 3, Select Columns, highlight the category that you would like included by clicking on it. (Note: You may have to scroll down through the categories to find the ones that you want.)
    Sample "Include in Weighted Grade" display.
  5. Once you have a category selected, click the corresponding arrow button next to the Selected Columns area. You will need to do this for every category that you would like to have a weighted column for.
    Button to press to include grade category.
  6. Under the Selected Columns section, fill in the percentage field and any other optional choices that you would like to use. Also, you may indicate a number of lowest grades to drop if you would like the system to do this automatically for you.
    For example: If you want to drop the 2 lowest quiz scores in the Quiz category, enter 2 in the Drop Lowest Grades box.
    Note: Category percentages must add up to 100%.
    Options for category.
  7. Click Submit.



Assign Individual Grade Columns to Category

  1. When you create a category, identify which assignments fall within that category.
    Note: You can only do this after you’ve created the graded activity.
  2. Click on the chevron next to the grade column.
    Chevron next to a test assignment.
  3. Select Edit Column Information.
    "Edit Column Information" next to drop menu.
  4. Next to Category, select the category in the drop-down menu.
    Category dropdown menu.
  5. Review all the selections you have made.
  6. Click Submit.
    Note: If students are submitting work to Blackboard (assignments, discussions), create the graded assignment or discussion first. A grade column will automatically be created.


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