Copy Course Content from One Course to Another

  1. Access the course from which you would like to copy content.
  2. Under the Control Panel, go to Packages and Utilities. packages and utilities
  3. Click Course Copy.course copy
  4. Next to Select Copy Type, choose “Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.”existing course
  5. Next to Destination Course ID, click Browse and select the course to which you would like to copy content. browse
  6. Select the course materials you would like to copy. Be sure to select “Grade Center Columns and Settings” if you created any grade columns or if you have any tests or assignments in your course. Please Note:  If you have discussions in your course and do not want to have the initial post for each forum copied over (typically a student post), be sure to select the option to  Include only the forums, with no starter posts under Discussion Board. Otherwise, you will have to manually delete the starter post within each forum.grade center
  7. Click SubmitBb Submit
  8. Now you can access the course to which you copied the content. You will see a status bar at the top of the page indicating that the course copy is running or is complete.