Copy Blackboard Calendar to Outlook

  1. From the main Blackboard page, navigate to Tools->Calendar.
    Blackboard - Tools Calendar
  2. Scroll down to the bottom-left of the page. Use the check boxes to choose which calendars to include in your export. Any options with a checkmark to the left will be included in the export.
    Blackboard - Calendar Export Choices
  3. Below the checkmark options click Get External Calendar Link.
    Blackboard - ICalendar Get External Link
  4. A popup will open with a long link. Select and Copy the link (Ctrl+C on PC, Cmd+C on Mac).
    Blackboard - Generate ICal URL
  5. Paste (Ctrl+V on PC, Cmd+V on Mac) the link into your web browser’s search bar and press Enter/Return.
  6. If you are using Microsoft Outlook on a PC, you may choose to Open the file directly and transfer its contents over.
    If you are on a Mac, or you only use the in-browser version of Microsoft Outlook on a PC, complete the following steps instead:
  7. Save the .ics file to your computer.
  8. Open Outlook in your browser by navigating to your Rollins e-mail.
  9. Click the Grid Button at the top-left corner.
    Outlook - Grid Button
  10. Click Calendar.
    Outlook - Calendar Button
  11. Near the top-middle of the screen, click Add Calendar.
    Outlook - Add Calendar
  12. Click From file.
    Outlook - Add Calendar From File
  13. A new area to the right will open. Under “Choose an .ICS file” click Browse.
    Outlook - Choose ICS
  14. Select the file you saved in Step 7.
  15. Above “Import a calendar” choose Save.
    Outlook - Save