CaptureSpace Lite: Create an Audio Recording

If this is your first time using CaptureSpace Lite, you will need to download and install the program. Refer to this tutorial for more information on the process.

  1. Login to Blackboard.
  2. Select My Media.
    Bb My Media
  3. Click Add New button at the top-right.
    Blackboard - My Media Add New 2016
  4. Select CaptureSpace Lite.
    CaptureSpace Lite
  5. If you plan on saving the video to your computer, change the directory under Settings -> Local Media Files Storage.
    CaptureSpace - Settings Change Local Storage
  6. Important: Click Save at the bottom-right corner or your changes will be lost!
    CSLite - Save
  7. Click Voice.
    CaptureSpace Voice
  8. The countdown window will appear on the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Recording commences in 5 seconds.
    1. If you are having trouble with sound recording, or if no sound is heard in your recording, go to Settings.
      MS - Settings Tab
    2. Change the selection in Select a Microphone to the microphone you intend to use.
      MS - Select a Microphone
  9. The recording video provides three actions to take: PauseDone, and Cancel. (Mac users: if it does not appear, you may have to click on the CaptureSpace icon on the dock.)
    Audio Capture Options
  10. Click Done when you have finished recording.
    CaptureSpace Done
  11. You can preview your audio recording in the pop-up player. There are two editing options on the left-hand panel: Trim and Chop.
    MS - Audio Preview Window

    1. Trim allows you to shorten the clip by setting markers to determine where the start and end of the recording will be.
      MS - Trim Button
    2. Move the left marker to set the start of the recording, and then move the right marker to set the end of the recording.
      MS - Markers Trimmer
    3. Click Apply to save changes.
      CS- Apply Button
    4. Chop allows you to select a portion of the clip that you want to omit from the recording.
      CS - Chop Button
    5. Move the let marker to set the start of the part you want deleted, and then move the right marker to set the end of the part you want deleted.
      CS - Chop Clip
    6. Click Apply to save changes.
      CS- Apply Button
  12. Click Done.
    CaptureSpace Audio Preview
  13. Input a title for your audio recording. You can either click Upload to send it directly to My Media on Blackboard, Preview to listen to it again, or Save to save it onto your computer/laptop.
    MS_Saving Audio clip

    1. Clicking Upload will send your audio clip onto My Media. Once the upload process is completed, click the link to access your audio online.
      CS - Uploaded Audio Link
    2. Alternatively, you can access My Media through Blackboard by following steps 1-2.
      CS - My Media Audio Uploaded
  14. After saving, your audio recording can always be found under the Library tab in CaptureSpace.
    CS - Library Audio

    1. To change the folder that stores your video, click Settings. Under Local Media Files Storage, click Browse and select the folder that you would want to save your recordings in.
      CS - Local Media Files Storage
  15. If more changes must be done to the recording, hover your mouse over the intended recording and click Edit when it appears on the right hand side.
    CS - audio edit icon
  16. You can add/change the TitleDescription, and Tags under Upload Options. To make edits to the audio recording itself, click Preview.
    CS - Preview Button


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