Backup Blackboard Course Content

Part 1: Course Export

  1. Log into Blackboard at and navigate to your course that contains the content you would like to export.
  2. Under Course Management, select Packages and Utilities.
    "Packages and Utilities" under "Course Management" control panel.
  3. In the drop down menu, select Export/Archive Course.
    "Export/Archive Course" within "Packages and Utilities."
  4. In the middle section, select Export Package.
    Export Package.
  5. Under section 3, Select Course Materials, select the content you want to import to your new course. Click Select All if you want to import all of the features to the new course.
    Select All Course Materials.
  6. Once you’ve finished making your selections, select Submit. A green highlighted box saying “Success: This action has been queued” will appear on the top of the page to let you that the export process has begun.

Part 2: Download Course Export

  1. If successful, Blackboard will email you letting you know that your export is done. You can then navigate back to the course and return to Course Management. Select Packages and Utilities and then select Export/Archive Course. (Steps 2 – 4 in Part 1)
  2. Locate the export file listed under File Name.
    (If you have multiple export files, check the Date Created to make sure you download the most recent export).
  3. Click on the Export File link to download the file.
    (Please note: The file downloaded needs to be a zip file. If the zip file opens in the download folder, this will not work. The file needs to stay in its zipped format. One workaround if this happens is to try again with a different browser. You can also right-click the Export File link to use the save as option.)
    Exported zip file.

Part 3: Upload Files to Your SharePoint OneDrive

  1. Go to and log in using your FoxID and password.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on OneDrive.
    "OneDrive" link next to "Newsfeed" and "Sites."
  3. Enter your FoxID and password again and click Log In.
  4. Click “+ new document” to create a new file or import an existing file. You may also drag and drop files into the center area of the page.
    (Please Note: You cannot copy folders, only individual files.)
    "+ new document" button underneath "Documents" header.
  5. The page that loads is very similar to your departmental SharePoint site. You will have two default document libraries: Shared Documents and Personal Documents.
    a. Shared Documents – By default, everyone has access to these files. You can adjust permissions to set who can modify or access these files.
    b. Personal Documents – These documents are accessible only by you. Files moved from your old H drive will now reside here. If you want to share one of the files located here, copy or move the file to your Shared Documents.