Allow Individual Students Extra Time on a Test

  1. Log into Blackboard.
    Blackboard Login wArrow
  2. Navigate to the appropriate test.
    Bb Example Exam
  3. Hover to the right of the test title and click the chevron. Chevron
    Bb Example ExamChevron
  4. Select Edit the Test Options.
    Bb Example ExamEditTestOpt
  5. Scroll down to Test Availability Exceptions and click Add User or Group.
    Bb Example ExamAddUserGroup
  6. Check the box next to the student you would like to give extra time.
    Bb Example ExamAddUserGroupB
  7. Click Submit at the bottom (You may have to scroll down).
    Bb Submit
  8. You will then see the student name listed under the previous Add User or Group button. Select the box under Timer and enter the time allotted for this student.
    Bb Example ExamAddUserGroupC
  9. In the same section you can change the Availability of the exam. You will also see other options that can be selected on a student by student basis.  
  10. Once you have finished adjusting exceptions for each student, scroll down and click Submit to finalize your changes.
    Bb Submit


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