Adding Users to Your Blackboard Course

Please note that student enrollment in Blackboard is automatically updated every 24 hours for academic courses so you should not need to enroll students. However, you may want to enroll Instructors, Teaching Assistants or Guests in your course.

  1. Log into the course that you want to enroll a user.
  2. Under the Course Management menu, click on Users and Groups."Users and Groups" link underneath "Course Management" control panel.
  3. Select Users from the drop down menu."Users" link in the "Users and Groups" dropdown menu.
  4. Click the drop down menu Enroll Users, and select Find Users to Enroll."Find Users to Enroll" link within "Enroll User" dropdown menu.
  5. Either enter the username (FoxID, not full email address) OR search for the user using the Browse button. Do not enter a name and then click Browse or you may receive an error.
    Option to type users in a tab, or click "browse" to find users.
  6. Select the Role from the Role drop-down menu (e.g., Instructor, Student, Teaching Assistant).
  7. Click the Submit button.