ENG 140 Guide for Faculty Review

1. Click on the ‘Portfolio-Integrated Evaluations’ link on the left hand menu

1Integrated Evaluation






2. Select the Portfolio – in this case ‘English Portfolio’

2select portfolio




3. Select the level that you want to evaluate

3select level



4. Now you will see all evaluations submitted below.

4evaulations below




Note – the status column lets you know where in the process this review is (each paper can be reviewed by maximal 3 reviewers)

The action column lets you see the review of other reviewers and allows you to begin reviewing this paper by clicking on the link ‘begin 3rd reviewer initial’.  


5. After having clicked on ‘Begin reviewer initial’ you will see the following

Click on ‘100 Level Lab Paper’ tab

4a after having clicked




6. Score the paper.

You will see the submitted paper in question in a link.

You will fill out the rubric below by clicking the box that you want to fill.

If you want to see the details to each category – click on evidence.

5begin reviewer initial







Click ‘OK’ on the bottom of the page


7. Make sure you click “Submit Evaluation & Publish Scores”

7submit evaluation



This concludes the evaluation of this paper.