Course Redesign Initiative

The Course Redesign Initiative (CRI) is intended to support Rollins College faculty in creating and implementing a redesign of a specific course of their choosing. These redesigns will combine pedagogy and complementary instructional models to create compelling learning environments for Rollins students. This CRI is facilitated by the Christian A. Johnson Institute for Effective Teaching and the Instructional Design & Technology team and is offered once a year each May.

Participants should leave the CRI with:

  • An understanding of what it means to apply backward design, align course goals, objectives, and assessments, and begin constructing a course using that approach.
  • An understanding of the terms: deep and surface approaches to learning, critical thinking, and adaptive expertise.
  • An understanding of technology tools available to them and how they can be used to engage students.
  • An ability to identify the paradigms that their students are likely to bring to their class that they will want their students to challenge.