CaptureSpace Lite: Capture from Webcam

If this is your first time using CaptureSpace Lite, you will need to download and install the program. Refer to this tutorial for more information on the process.

  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Select My Media.
    Bb My Media
  3. Click Add New button at the top-right.
    Blackboard - My Media Add New 2016
  4. Select CaptureSpace Lite.
    CaptureSpace Lite
  5. CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder will appear on the desktop. Click the Settings tab to set up your webcam.
    CSLite - Record Menu - Settings
  6. Under Select a Webcam, select the appropriate, plugged-in webcam.
    CSLite - Settings - Select Webcam
  7. Select a Screen Recording Quality (higher quality videos take up more drive space and may result in slow response time). Enable “Slow PC Setting” if your PC has problems recording.
    CSLite - Settings - Screen Quality
  8. Next to Select a Microphone, select the appropriate, plugged-in microphone.
    CSLite - Settings - Select Microphone
  9. Leave Delete recordings on disk after upload unchecked if you want to save a back-up of your video when you are finished.
    CSLite - Settings - Media Delete
  10. If you plan on saving the video to your computer, change the directory under Local Media Files Storage.
    CaptureSpace - Settings Change Local Storage
  11. Important: Click Save at the bottom-right corner or your changes will be lost!
    CSLite - Save
  12. Click the Record tab.
    CSLite - Record Tab
  13. Click Webcam.
  14. Click Record.
    CaptureSpace Record Button
  15. A 5-second countdown will appear on the screen.
    CaptureSpace countdown
  16. Recording begins once the countdown ends. There are three options in the recording window. (Mac users: if it does not appear, you may have to click on the CaptureSpace icon on the dock.)
    CSLite - Recording Bar (Webcam)

    1. Pause: Pauses the recording.
    2. Done: Stops the recording and brings you to the next phase.
    3. Cancel: Stops the recording and discards it.
  17. Click Done when recording is finished.
    CaptureSpace Done
  18. Click Done to save the video.
    CaptureSpace Preview
  19. Input the title of your video. You can also add a description and tags.
    CaptureSpace Title
  20. There are several actions you can take:
    CaptureSpace Saving


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