Customizing Grading with Grade Schemas

Custom adaptability is one of the greatest advantages of using the Blackboard Grade Center to keep track of your students’ progress. You can customize the Grade Center to fit your way of doing things rather than having to change the way you approach assignments and grade to fit Blackboard. One aspect of the customization is Grading Schemas.

Blackboard default grading schemaA Grading Schema takes the possible points of a graded item and derives a percentage. This percentage is mapped to a range of scores and displays a resultant grade, such as a letter or pass/fail. For example, here is an illustration of the default Grading Schema:

In addition to this standard use, you can have a schema that displays another percentage or score when you enter in raw points. This is useful for formative assignments or comprehension check quizzes when you wish to award full points for a student who achieves a minimum threshold score. For example, let’s say you have an assigned reading with a follow-up quiz worth 10 points. You can create a custom Grading Schema that will award the full 10 points to a student who achieves 70% on the quiz.

70% full credit grade schema

If your department has a specific grading scale, then you can also create a Grading Schema that will display the appropriate letter grade a student has earned. A custom Grading Schema can also be used to apply a curve to a test when required. 

After creation, a grading schema is included as an option in the Primary and Secondary Display menus when you create and edit columns in the Grade Center. More information creating and implementing Grading Schemas can be found on the Blackboard Help site.

As always, feel free to contact the Instructional Design and Technology team for further advice and assistance.