Strategies for Integrating Online Tools

Getting Started

  • Focus first on the course goals and learning objectives. 
  • After determining the learning objectives for the specific assignment or assessment, select the tool you will use.
  • Provide resources and clear guidelines for online assignments.
    • What are your expectations for length/completeness?
    • If there is group work or peer review involved, what is the process for this?
    • What are your grading criteria?
    • What resources will students need to complete the assignment?
  • Don’t forget about the Library resources available to you and your students:

Online Discussions in Blackboard

  • Ideas:
    • Scenarios
    • Debates
    • Role playing
  • Provide clear expectations for the length of discussion prompt and the number 0f responses to classmates.
  • Set one deadline for the initial post and another deadline for responses.
  • Everyone in the class can view the content on a discussion board. This is a good place for students to post content to share with the class.  If you want students to share privately with you, the Journals tool would be more appropriate. 
  • When creating a Discussion Forum in Blackboard, there is an option to require students to “
  • Directions to set up online discussions in Blackboard:
  • Blackboard discussions video tutorial
  • Text directions to create discussion forums

Online Tests in Blackboard

  • Ideas:
    • Can create several questions types including multiple choice, essay, true false, matching and more.
    • Create higher level questions from Bloom’s Taxonomy.
    • Ask students to create test questions that will be used for a portion of the online test.
  • Creating Tests in Blackboard: Blackboard Tests Guide

 Blackboard Assignments

  • Ideas: Essays and reaction papers
  • Create an assignment in Blackboard to allow students to submit papers or other artifacts
  • Blackboard Assignment Guide

Turnitin Assignment in Blackboard (Paper Assignment and Peer Review)

Kaltura/My Media and Capture Space Lite

Additional Faculty Resources:

Blackboard Faculty Guide

Don’t forget to provide resources for your students:

Blackboard Student Help Guide