A Digital Notebook: OneNote

OneNote Icon

OneNote Icon

Imagine yourself in a meeting and you’ve been tasked to take notes. How do you decide which medium to use? Do you just use Microsoft Word, perhaps notepad, then email the document out to everyone? That’s so yesterday! What happens if you need to add or modify the minutes as you forgot to add something and a considerate colleague reminded you?

Consider OneNote. If you have never heard of or used OneNote, it is a tool that is included with the Microsoft Office suite we have at Rollins College. Think of OneNote as a digital notebook; it can be used for taking notes, keeping a journal, or even collaborating on projects. You can also use the web version of OneNote. It can be accessed by going to http://outlook.com/rollins.edu. Once you log into your email click on the tile icon to your left and select OneNote. If you do not see the OneNote option, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Using OneNote has seven key benefits and I’ve explained them below as well as provided some of my own insights.

Use it anywhere: your OneNote can be accessed anywhere you have Internet access and a mobile device or computer. The best feature I like is the desktop version of OneNote. Upon logging into Windows Live one time, you are set and accessing OneNote from your primary machine is as simple as clicking on the OneNote icon.

Web Clipper Tool

OneNote Tools (Desktop Version)

Collaborate with others on it: You can share your OneNote with others so they can view or edit it. Share away with friends, colleagues, classmates or any one you would like.

Keep all of your correspondences in one place: Want to journal, keep notes, make a list of to-do’s? Use OneNote for all of these things and more.

Auto Save: OneNote auto saves so you don’t have to worry about saving every time. Additionally, with Page Versions, you can go back to a previous version of your page at any time and restore it or delete it.

Web Clipper Tool

OneNote Web Clipper Tool Used

You can “clip the web”: This is an amazing option in OneNote. Find anything interesting to share from the web, easily clip it using the OneNote Web Clipper tool and add it to a OneNote page with four easy steps.

Send emails: Email a page via Outlook to an individual or your team. This is a good way to get quick feedback.

Snap photos: Download the Office Lens app, take pictures of anything you would like added to any of your OneNote documents. It is almost like having a scanner in your pocket. You can even convert your pictures to PDF file with selectable text, as well as Word and PowerPoint files then upload them to your OneNote.

For more information on Microsoft OneNote, check out the provided link.