Foliotek: An ePortfolio Tool

An ePortfolio tool we have incorporated here at Rollins College is Foliotek. Foliotek is available to faculty and can be accessed by logging into Blackboard, then on the left side under Tools, click on Foliotek ePortfolio. There are two components to foliotek, Assessment and Portfolios. The focus of this post will be the portfolio.

Foliotek Intro SampleDo you want to create a professional ePortfolio? How about a portfolio to share with your students? Create two different ones and use two separate links (based on availability). You can virtually have an unlimited number of portfolios. One thing to keep in mind though is that the total allotted space for file storage is 500 Mb. This includes all of your portfolios under your account. No worries though, if you think you will utilize more than the 500 Mb space for file storage, there is what are called gizmos, that can enable Google Drive integration into your portfolios.


It is simple to use and easy to learn how to create, edit and add content to your portfolio. A number of different templates are provided with the ability for customization, for the more advanced users. You can share the portfolio with Foliotek Gizmoswhomever you choose. If you want to give an individual limited access, say for just one week, you can do that. Make the portfolio public for the world to see or keep it private and share the link to only users of your choice.

For more information and further help topics on foliotek, please visit the Instructional Tech Blog, hover the courser on FAQs & How-To’s, Faculty/Staff, then Foliotek Faculty Guide.