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SAN FRANCISCO, December 2013 – Maysoon Zayid is an Arab-American comedian who was born with cerebral palsy due to a doctor’s mistake when she was being delivered. As a result, her body shakes constantly. “I’m like Shakira meets Muhammad Ali,” Zayid jokes.


In her TED Talk, Zayid discusses growing up with CP, following her comedic dreams, and the underrepresentation of people with disabilities in entertainment. Many people with CP are unable to walk, but Zayid has been walking since she was 5-years-old in large part due to her father’s determination to teach her. She describes her parents as people who told her that nothing was impossible.


Zayid then went to college for acting and discovered the difficulty of being cast due to her disability. For this reason, she decided to become a comic and an advocate for people with disabilities. Zayid is now a successful stand-up comedian who performs in America as well as the Middle East.


To learn about resources for people with cerebral palsy in the Orlando area, check out CECO.


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We all need a hero, we all need someone to advocate on our behalf. But heroes come in many forms and they don’t always don a cape before they fly into action. Most times, heroes are just ordinary people that do extraordinary work. Nonprofit organizations are full of such people, people that take part in amazing and impactful work day in and day out. We at Hope Heroes PR know how hard these people work and we want the world to know it too. Our mission (and our passion) is to help bring nonprofit organizations the exposure and recognition they deserve, to give them an extra edge as they strive to accomplish their mission in the world. Whether you seek a boost in volunteer acquisitions or simply want to build better relationships with businesses or the community, we are here for you. Every hero needs a little help every now and then. That doesn’t make them less of a hero, it only makes them human.

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