Conductive Education Offers Independence

Conductive Education Offers Independence for Children With Cerebral Palsy  

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the most common motor disability in childhood. It affects every child differently. According to recent statistics on cerebral palsy, only 58 percent of these children can walk without help. Many children use a device to help them walk and some children cannot walk at all.

Despite these odds, there is hope for independence out there. Through conductive education children facing challenges due to CP can learn ways to improve the physical effects of their disability. It helps them build both independence and self-esteem.

The Conductive Education Center of Orlando serves children as young as 6 months old all the way to 12th grade. Their mission is to provide hope for families by enhancing the independence of children with motor disabilities. Their unique programs use physical, social, and educational elements within a group setting. Visit their website find out more about their holistic and individualized conductive education program.

Conductive Education
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