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When: 6:00pm, Thursday November 16th, 2017

Where: Full Sail Live ( Address: 141 University Park Dr, Winter Park, FL 32792)

Join CECO’s staff and families as they support their Student Scholarships for the CECO 2017 Night of Dreams! Join in on a fun filled night at the beautiful venue of Full Sail Live containing entertainment, silent auctions as well as delicious food & cocktails! If attended, you will receive a backlot tour of the prestigious Full Sail University Studios. During the event, CECO will be presenting the 2017 “Make It Possible” Award to recipients Jim and Mari Moye. CECO will also be hosting a Silent Auction with various items to bid on and win! General Tickets are 100$ to attend however, CECO is also offering donation packages for sponsorship oppurtunities. CECO’s goal in 2017 is to raise $175,000 in support of CECO Students.

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With a focus on treating kids with Cerebral Palsy in America, it sometimes puts adults battling the illness on the wayside. Fortunately CECO Orlando has developed an adult based program treating patients with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other motor disabilities.

Many adults living with Cerebral Palsy no longer have the support of their families and might be left with little to no resources to support themselves. CECO has developed this program to help those adults with little to no resources and meets with them a few times per week. The programs goal is to provide the patients with more tools to help operate on their own in day to day life. In addition to the program helping them develop more tools, there is a sense of community set up that helps them immensely. Being an adult with Cerebral Palsy can make it very difficult to make friends and be overall happy.

The Conductive Education of Orlando(CECO) is changing the lives of patients of all ages and is making a difference in the local community. If you would like to visit their cite, click the hyperlink attached to CECO.



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Most children with cerebral palsy can be diagnosed by the time they are 2 years old. The earlier a child gets help, the more likely they are to fully develop their potential.

CECO’s Youngster Program is an early intervention program designed for children between 6 months and 4 years old who have motor disabilities. The program aims to help children achieve developmental milestones through cognitive and physical stimulation in a group setting. It also provides parents with learning tools they can use to help their child at home. Thanks to the Universal Orlando Foundation, the cost of this program is totally free.

The Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO) is a nonprofit organization that uses conductive education to transform the lives of children with disabilities. In addition to the Youngster program, the organization offers many options for people with motor disabilities such as a full school day program, adult program, Parkinson’s program, and more. For more information on CECO, please visit

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I met him in 1994.

When he walked into our church I stuck out my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Jacob.” He paused for a moment, peering at me through his square-shaped glasses, and shot back with, “I’m Tim.”

Cerebral Palsy and Friendship
Tim and I in ’95

I didn’t know he had Cerebral Palsy (CP). He didn’t know that my mother had recently died from cancer a few years prior. We were both just desperate for a friend.

CP brought Tim many challenges and opportunities, one of the greatest of which was the opportunity to teach me about life. Here are just a few things my dear friend taught me:



A limp might explain but it doesn’t define

CP is can affect individuals in many different ways. Tim dealt with chronic weakness on one side of his body, it made him walk with a limp. A limp is hard to hide. It is usually the first thing people notice. Sure, the limp helped explained some things about Tim, that he had CP, but it never defined who he was. He taught me that we are more than our circumstances.

 Falling is a part of life

Tim fell a lot. I watched him fall on every surface imaginable: Gravel, concrete, carpet, and the list could go on. But Tim was resilience. He always got back up. Life has a knack for tripping us up and sometimes we fall flat on our faces. But our character is built when we stand again. He taught me that no matter how many times you fall you always get back up.

Courage is in the heart, not the body

Courage is often romanized. Movies usually feature some strong, heroic specimen. Tim would never land the lead part in an action flick, but he had more courage than Hollywood could ever wish to fabricate. That is because true courage is found in the heart. Tim persevered every day in spite of the obstacles. Fear can paralyze us, but courage comes when we act anyway. He taught me that courage is not something we are born with it is something we must choose to embrace.

Embracing the struggle 

Living with CP is not easy for Tim. The struggles of life come with pain, bruises, and tears. It is easy to lose hope. Time doesn’t always heal a grieving heart and some disabilities are lifelong, but there is always hope. The pain reminds us that we can feel, the bruises remind us that we are alive, and the tears remind us of how much we’ve loved. He taught me to embrace the struggle because when I do, I embrace hope.

Since 2001, Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO) has been providing hope for families by helping children with Cerebral Palsy and other motor disabilities achieve their greatest level of independence. Donating and volunteering are just a few ways you can help keep their mission alive.