Facebook Tips for Non-Profits


It is very important for nonprofit organizations to have a functional Facebook page. It can make the big difference in the amount of funds and awareness brought to your organizations. Here are the five tips to take into consideration for your next post.


Tip 1- Use Videos


The use of quick, concise, and entertaining video content, has become a big part of social media today. It is very important for nonprofit organizations to use videos because it allows the current and potential donors to get a better look of what’s actually going on.


Tip 2- Show Transparency


Showing transparency would include posts of behind the scenes and more personal posts about the employees and work done by the organization. Using this tactic helps because it gives donors a sense of comfort because they know what’s going on.


Tip 3- Celebrate Milestones


Although this seems like an easy and non-important action to do, it is very important because it lets your donors know that their money is working. If you can show that their money is actually working, it will motivate them to contribute more to the cause.


Tip 4- Donation Sign Up Link


This is a big part to growing donations. If you link your page to donate on videos and pictures being posted, it promotes Facebook users to that second go donate. You don’t want people to want to donate and have the feeling they will do it later, but never follow through.


Tip 5- Giveaways


Giveaways can be very helpful because you are giving people something for their money. It also promotes people to visit your page, while giving them a sense that they are part of your organization and community.





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