How to Choose a Charity to Donate to

Have you ever wanted to help a cause but weren’t sure how to pick a charity? It’s important to determine what type of work charities do to benefit their cause and how they use their donations. Here are 3 simple steps to help you choose the right charity to donate to.


1. Find a cause.

The first thing you should do is find a cause or issue you’re passionate about. Whether its human rights, the environment, animal rights, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses, or world hunger, there’s definitely no shortage of causes to support. Figure out what you connect with the most and search for charities that specialize in that particular cause.


2. Review the charity’s website.

Once you’ve found a charity that you may be interested in donating to, carefully review the organization’s website. Find out what their mission is. What specific actions have they taken to fulfill their mission? What tangible results have they gotten? Delivering results is extremely important when it comes to the effectiveness of a charity.


3. Look up the charity on Charity Navigator.

The third and final step is take a look at the charity’s profile on Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator is a website that provides objective reviews of charities and statistics on where their money goes. It’s an extremely useful tool when selecting a charity to donate to. Make sure the charity you’re looking into has a rating of 3 or 4 stars. Also, check the breakdown of expenses. It’s impossible for charities to spend 100% of their expenses on the actual program, but make sure it’s still a relatively high percentage to ensure your money will go toward the cause. Then, check the compensation of the President or CEO and make sure it’s not unusually high. If everything looks good on Charity Navigator, you can be fairly confident the charity is reputable. If the organization doesn’t meet your standards, try browsing through Charity Navigator to find a higher rated charity that supports your cause.



With more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States, selecting one to donate to isn’t always simple. These 3 steps should help make the process a little bit easier.


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