David Whyte TED Talk

Vancouver, BC (April 2016). Author, Poet and Speaker, David Whyte, breaks the boundary between what can be said to change your vision on the past, present and future. Whyte is an Englishman who has written eight books with his topic of conversational nature of reality.


What can be defined in the lyrical bridge between past, present and the future? If you ask David Whyte, he uses two poems inspired by his nieces experience as she hiked 500 miles at El Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Whyte explains in his TED talk, “we tend to not have real conversations with one another, we tend to just speak”. He used this quote after he had a conversation with a TSA Worker at an airport who wanted someone to hear him out about his failing marriage. The TSA worker felt valuable and heard. Whyte explains how we need to make one another feel loved and worthy through the power of real thought and conversation.



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