An important part of any simulation or gamification project is the narrative. It is important that the story is enough to draw the reader in and encourage advancements in the story. For the simulation, there were several options I thought might work. The first was a time traveler story. The reader would be from the future, having to prevent someone from altering events. A discussion with Dr. Chambliss suggested that it might take away from the purpose of the simulation. A balance had to be reached. By making the reader a reporter, it gave reason for the reader to question people in Winter Park.

This passage was created after reviewing the timeline of events. I knew from my research that the State senate passed the Act to separate Hannibal Square from Winter Park. Initially, I made a mistake by confusing the petition with an election. After I reviewed the information, I realized my error and my work needed a rewrite. Instead of changing everything, I used the writing trope of creating a flashback scene.


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