Boston Cream Pie

If you read my memoir piece, What She Left Us, this infamous sweet treat will be familiar to you. This recipe from The New Doubleday Cookbook is not as complicated as its history and miraculous rediscovery, which I am grateful for. Boston Cream Pie Approximately 16 servings Basic Three Egg Butter Cake 2 cups sifted cake flour 2 teaspoons baking… Read More Boston Cream Pie


La Merce Restaurant Review

The La Merce restaurant is located in the healthy richness of Winter Park, Florida.   The outside of the restaurant can be observed through its tempered class at all hours of the day.  When I first considered La Merce, I looked at its physical features.  Tempered glass is very expensive to buy, which tells me that… Read More La Merce Restaurant Review


Spatz Deli

Driving by, it is nearly impossible to miss the neon sign labeling the building known as Spatz.   Home to the true Winter Park local, it sits along Fairbanks near the intersection of Orlando Ave.  “Spatz Deli,” as your credit card statement reads, is the ideal spot for sporting events and active drinking.  Twelve (Direct) TV’s,… Read More Spatz Deli


The Art of Indulgence

This is how you shouldn’t manage a sweet tooth: by pairing peanut butter fudge and stalactites of rock candy with a mouth full of braces and fillings. You shouldn’t feel the fudge tack onto your brackets like a suction cup, or the candy burrowing its way into each tooth’s crevice, threatening the six years of… Read More The Art of Indulgence


Scratch and Sniff

Walking into Kilwins ice cream and fudge shop in Winter Park was like a scratch and sniff experience. My waffle cone “mom” tattoo came to life! The steaming iron plates filled the air with the scent of fresh waffles and I was sent back to my imaginative childhood. I felt like I was walking onto the… Read More Scratch and Sniff


Olive It

I haven’t been on many tours in my life: a couple historical ones and the notable one that got me hooked on Rollins. The tours I take are ones given by friends and family, those intimate ones where you learn the history of a place, and the history that place shares with your loved one.… Read More Olive It