Boston Cream Pie

If you read my memoir piece, What She Left Us, this infamous sweet treat will be familiar to you. This recipe from The New Doubleday Cookbook is not as complicated as its history and miraculous rediscovery, which I am grateful for. Boston Cream Pie Approximately 16 servings Basic Three Egg Butter Cake 2 cups sifted cake flour 2 teaspoons baking… Read More Boston Cream Pie


King Pyramid

Life after PULSE for Norman Casiano has been an uphill battle of the mind, body, and spirit. Many of us know what happened on the night of June 12, 2016, but what we don’t know is what exactly happened after? What is life like now for a survivor? Each one has a unique story, but… Read More King Pyramid


Patience and Passion

“In pastry, you have to have patience,” Chef Amy Gilbert tells me, while talking about the ever-changing needs and palates of guests. “You can’t just chill.” These counterintuitive ideas would come to make sense as I learned about this chef of contradictions. When I first contacted Chef Gilbert, Pastry Chef at Canvas, the picture I… Read More Patience and Passion


Scratch and Sniff

Walking into Kilwins ice cream and fudge shop in Winter Park was like a scratch and sniff experience. My waffle cone “mom” tattoo came to life! The steaming iron plates filled the air with the scent of fresh waffles and I was sent back to my imaginative childhood. I felt like I was walking onto the… Read More Scratch and Sniff


Post-Irma Comfort

The day’s seemed like hours after weeks of mother nature’s fury in cities where our families reside, and then our own home. We spent an eternity in huddled in the hallway, eating an industrial size bag of boom chicka pop sea salt popcorn, Oreo cookies, and two varieties of Late July tortilla chips – jalapeno… Read More Post-Irma Comfort


Olive It

I haven’t been on many tours in my life: a couple historical ones and the notable one that got me hooked on Rollins. The tours I take are ones given by friends and family, those intimate ones where you learn the history of a place, and the history that place shares with your loved one.… Read More Olive It



Section 8 housing is where my grandmother lived in Orlando, Florida. It’s centered in what is considered “Puerto Ricoville” by ignorant locals and Central Florida natives. Sedano’s, Bravo’s, and Botanica’s line the streets where high crime and Latin flavor fill the air. Cubans, Colombians, Peruvians, and Puerto Ricans were just a few of the places… Read More Blanched