The Potager

  “Would you prefer to take my arm or hold my hand?” I asked as I help him out of my car. “Well, I will always hold the hand of a beautiful lady,” he says, and we both giggle. The hostess seats us and I help Ronnie get settled into his chair. I look at… Read More The Potager


A Family Affair

To eat is to take in the lived experiences, the cultural essence, the hospitality of cuisine. Every bite having an intention. The aroma is meant to invigorate, the visual display creating some sort of emotional exchange of desire that becomes ingrained in memory. The experience of food is then a conversation to share with others… Read More A Family Affair


Boston Cream Pie

If you read my memoir piece, What She Left Us, this infamous sweet treat will be familiar to you. This recipe from The New Doubleday Cookbook is not as complicated as its history and miraculous rediscovery, which I am grateful for. Boston Cream Pie Approximately 16 servings Basic Three Egg Butter Cake 2 cups sifted cake flour 2 teaspoons baking… Read More Boston Cream Pie


Personal Chef

When we were assigned this project, I knew immediately I wanted to write about my sister. There was no hesitation. I mean, it was the obvious choice, aside from the easiest. Besides that, I figured it would be a chance to learn a little bit more about my sister and what she does for a… Read More Personal Chef


King Pyramid

Life after PULSE for Norman Casiano has been an uphill battle of the mind, body, and spirit. Many of us know what happened on the night of June 12, 2016, but what we don’t know is what exactly happened after? What is life like now for a survivor? Each one has a unique story, but… Read More King Pyramid


Patience and Passion

“In pastry, you have to have patience,” Chef Amy Gilbert tells me, while talking about the ever-changing needs and palates of guests. “You can’t just chill.” These counterintuitive ideas would come to make sense as I learned about this chef of contradictions. When I first contacted Chef Gilbert, Pastry Chef at Canvas, the picture I… Read More Patience and Passion


St. Patrick’s Day Mayhem

Consider the typical college bar. Full kitchen, stained furniture, and poorly lit dart boards. Imagine yourself to be the gatekeeper to all things holy at this bar.  You would be Katie Barletta, the veteran mixologist perched behind the bar at Fiddlers Green Irish Pub and Eatery. After serving there for roughly seven years, one might… Read More St. Patrick’s Day Mayhem