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Grandma’s Red Sauce

             When my parents got engaged, my grandmother wasn’t fond of the idea that my mom would be cooking for her son ‘until death do them part”.  Out of all my mother’s qualities, cooking was not her most magnificent; at least in the early nineties.  As the daughter-in-law of a Kentucky-raised woman who finely mastered… Read More Grandma’s Red Sauce


Dad’s Gumbo

Baking flour; it’s one of my favorite scents in the world. It smells rich, homey, and always reminds me of my dad. I have very fond memories of coming home from school to the heavy aroma of flour that’s been darkening in the oven for hours, my stomach growling at the thought of spicy, salty,… Read More Dad’s Gumbo


(Not) Pigging Out

I have eaten my fair share of insects. I indulge in Japanese raw foods and I don’t mind the smell of durian fruit. I’ve never batted an eye when asked to sample dolphin or deer or gator or frog. Often, I blindly point to something on a menu I’ve never tried before, my only question… Read More (Not) Pigging Out


Top Ramen & Kool-Aid

Have you ever heard an Asian woman with a country accent? From the first impression, you see a short woman, long black hair, and an oriental face, but when she opens her mouth, she’s loud and crazy! Whipping around ya’ll and a twang that only comes from the great state of Texas. My mother birthed… Read More Top Ramen & Kool-Aid


Good Old Bay

During a recent walk down the snack aisle of my neighborhood grocery store, a certain bag of unhealthy Herr’s potato chips caught my eye. A little distraught because of the healthy diet I have recently worked so hard to adopt, my guard went down and I could just about smell the goodness of the contents… Read More Good Old Bay



Section 8 housing is where my grandmother lived in Orlando, Florida. It’s centered in what is considered “Puerto Ricoville” by ignorant locals and Central Florida natives. Sedano’s, Bravo’s, and Botanica’s line the streets where high crime and Latin flavor fill the air. Cubans, Colombians, Peruvians, and Puerto Ricans were just a few of the places… Read More Blanched


Mom’s Cuban Food

I was raised by a single mother from Cuba who exposed me to some of the best quality of food I ever experienced.  She came to America during the Fidel Castro takeover era.  Despite this terrible time, she still always found a way to be positive and strong.  The strength of her character was instilled… Read More Mom’s Cuban Food


What She Left Us

Childhood was a brief confluence of fantasy and reality. It started out with the rolling hills of our eight, wooded acres. It ran with our horses and dogs and jumped with the fish that our dogs hoped to catch. It rode the breeze that wafted unbroken fields of flowers in a neighborhood of five houses… Read More What She Left Us