5 Augmentive Assistive Communication (AAC) Devices for the Communication Impaired

Imagine… someone you care about cannot communicate how they feel, express their needs, tell you they love you, or indicate they are sick or in pain.

We convey meaningful messages everyday without considering how hopeless or isolated we would feel if we were unable to do so.

It is through interaction that we create meaning and build relationships that are integral to independent living.

People speak at and for the communication impaired. All the while assuming they cannot understand or are somehow cognitively impaired. This is no way to live.

Augmentive assistive communication devices (AAC’s) bridge these gaps.

AAC’s provide the communication impaired, their family, friends and caregivers the gift of everyday interactions that many of us take for granted.

If you know someone who is communication impaired, please explore these options:


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