5 Facebook Tips to Help Nonprofits Skyrocket


98% of nonprofits are on Facebook. The truth is: social media can be a powerful tool for nonprofits to connect with their audience. Online platforms make for an excellent opportunity to tell your story, engage with supporters, and shed light on a special cause. Growing a Facebook page takes time and effort but with the right guidance, your organization’s mission will effectively get across to the public. Here are 5 tips that will help you strengthen your social network presence on Facebook.

1. Find Your Voice

Be personal and authentic. Let your nonprofit speak for itself. It doesn’t help if you sound just like the organization next door. Find what makes your organization stand out and own it!

It’s okay to post an inspirational quote if you believe your audience will like it. However, the majority of the time, be original. Post your own images and videos, share original stories or provide a special behind-the-scenes look at your organization.

2. Be Visual

Visuals are always more captivating than text by itself. Posts that include images or videos generate about 80% more engagement than the average post.

Every cause and mission carries thousands of stories to tell. Social media gives supporters a place to share these stories with engaging visuals.

3. Be engaging; create a 2-way dialogue

Get people talking by asking questions in your status updates and personally respond to people who comment on your posts. Your supporters are more likely to comment/post if they know you are listening. Your Facebook strategy should be a two-way conversation – not a platform for merely announcements or to ask for donations.

This allows them to know you care for what they have to say. It should never be a one-way form of communication. Online engagement is all about creating a conversation with your supporters: a 2-way dialogue.

4. Create Facebook Events

Facebook events are effective because they create social proofWhen someone confirms their attendance on Facebook, friends see it on their news feeds. This helps spark participation from their peers.

5. Highlight a Donor of the Week or Special Stories

Make your supporters the stars. People love recognition and most importantly, your supporters love knowing their contributions are making an impact on your organization.

Overall, social media is all about developing a connection with those who support your cause. There are just 5 helpful tips to help your Nonprofit Facebook page skyrocket in engagement. Start implementing them today and watch how your organization will begin to flourish!

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