Top four tips for making a difference through community engagement

Have you ever wanted to make a difference but not known where to begin? Our world faces many challenges and times of struggle that raise uncertainties about our place and role in society. As individuals, we have more power than we believe, and it is up to each one of us to channel the potential that lies within.

When we join together, our impact becomes far-reaching. In this video, I will discuss the top four ways you can create positive change through community engagement. Whether it be an independent goal, a family commitment, or a city-wide undertaking, community engagement can become a part of your lifestyle that is both rewarding and transformative for yourself and others.

The ways to become involved in your community can be within your reach and aligned with your passions. Choose to donate your time through volunteering, or contribute money, goods, or services. Educate others about a cause or mission and spread awareness about the organizations that advocate for those causes. Participate in advocacy efforts to create change through legislation, practices individuals engage in, and encourage others to join in and support the efforts in their own way. Join us as we explore these available options that fit your lifestyle and interests.

Volunteer Match is a wonderful resource that supports this very mission and emphasizes the many ways that we can choose to join the movement to do good. If you want to be the change the world needs to see, you can start today. Begin within your community to become engaged in making a difference; discover what speaks to you.

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