Tennis of the 80’s



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In looking at sports in the 80s I found that tennis was a lot different from tennis today what they ware was different and what they played with was different too the started off playing with these tennis shorts that are really high up and a regular whit collard shirt. No a days they play in all different types of clothing there are certain mandatory clothing for certain events some require all white and some only half white clothes and other half at least some what tennis like.  Also the tennis shoes have completely changed the technology of today has made tennis shoes in a completely different way they grip and do everything that tennis shoes do but they have figured out a way to make it so that way your tennis shoes don’t drag and mark up the clay courts as bad. However the main difference seems to be the changes in technology that have taken place over the years. For example, back in the eighties the majority of rackets were made of wood and had a round shape that was right at the end of the handle, but now the modern racket has a whole new shape to the racket where it is mostly oval and it takes up most of the racket except the handle.


The main push seems to have been professional athletes who need better equipment as the sport becomes more competitive.  So this means that only a couple years ago we were using wooden tennis rackets but now they are made out of carbon fiber and that means they are a lot lighter. Some rackets are meant f-

or more speed rather than spin, so a player can choose the racket that best suits their playing style. Lastly i have found allot of interesting things about the 80’s tennis that i wouldn’t of learned from if i didn’t reserch tennis in the first place and i do recommend learning more about tennis to anyone who is interested.


this video is Andre Agassi back in the 80 just so you guys get a feel of how the old school tennis was.