“Down here it’s our time, It’s our time down here”

I’ve heard many wonderful things about The Goonies, so I decided to give it a shot. I have always been a fan of films that are about a group of neighborhood kids who are best friends, like Little Rascals and Stand By Me. The bond that they have and the sense that they own the town is extremely exhilarating, and I feel pulled into their brotherhood and part of their family. The ending was predictable, but it wouldn’t be a teen 80’s film if it wasn’t.

One part I keep going back to over and over again is the beginning scene with Rosalita, Mrs. Walsh, and Mouth. Mrs. Walsh asks for somebody to help her translate Rosalita’s chores for around the house, and Mouth offers up his services because he took Spanish in school. When he volunteered, I thought it was going to be another one of those times where his translations just didn’t make sense, like “clean the dishes” would turn into “clean the bushes”. It was a huge surprise when he spoke fluent Spanish, and it was absolutely hysterical what he actually said to Rosalita. I wasn’t expecting him to actually know any Spanish, let alone the words “cocaine” and “heroine”.

Unfortunately, I had a strong feeling of annoyance towards Chunk. He didn’t have any redeeming qualities other than saving his friends at the end with the help of Sloth. At first I felt sorry for him, because I thought he was the kid in the group that everybody made fun of, like when Mouth made him do the Truffle Shuffle to get in. However, I began to understand why Mouth treated him that way. Chunk would never stop talking, and it was in a very nagging voice, like he was always trying to get what he wanted. He also wasn’t the brightest, and even that was annoying. When he got locked in the freezer with the dead body and he kept screaming, I felt like shouting at him to suck it up and GET OUT. He was extremely whiny, and my last straw was when he accidentally told the Fratellis everything when they were driving on the road. By that time, I really just wanted Chunk to go home. Despite how I felt about him, I really enjoyed watching how the other boys acted with him. They kind of used him, in a sense of they knew his tendencies and they used it to their advantage. Like when Mikey found the map in the glass, he called Chunks over and simply handed it to him, knowing that he would drop it. Also, when they were trying to get into the house, Mouth started talking dirtily about Chunk’s mother, which made him angry and he broke down the door. It was entertaining, to say the least, to see how all the boys treated Chunk, and I never really did feel bad for him.