“Up Where We Belong”

I really need to stop watching movies that make me cry.  For my last blog, I wanted to watch a film that is considered both a critical and box office success of the 80’s.  I loved Richard Gere in Pretty Woman but was extremely disappointed with American Gigolo but I decided to give him another chance and watch one of his better films as my grand blog finale.  Tonight I watched an Officer and a Gentleman and I must say I LOVED this film.  It was released in 1982 and was both a critical success and a huge hit at the box office becoming the third highest grossing film of the year.  The film is definitely a drama and stars Richard Gere as Zack Mayo (yeah, like what you put on a sandwich) and past “It” girl, Debra Winger as Paula Pokrifki.  After a troubling childhood, Zack signs up and starts attending the Navy’s Aviation Officer Candidate School in hopes of becoming a Navy Pilot.  Their head drill instructor is the extremely intimidating, brutal Sergeant Foley played by Louis Gosset Jr. (who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in this film).  Sergeant Foley terrified me!  He was so scary and everything the candidates had to do was extremely intense and honestly probably does not motivate anyone to join the navy.  Some of the scenes were a little to much to handle because of how intense they were.  While in the program, Zack befriends Sid and falls in love with Paula.  Obviously the film is a drama so there are many obstacles these three characters experience throughout that I do not want to give away because I HIGHLY recommend this film.  The film did hit a little too close to home for me with more of the intense and tragic moments (hence the crying) but I thought the film was great and it is probably one of my favorite films of the 80s now.  I did feel that Gere and Winger had chemistry and the ending scene, which is iconic and often referenced today in pop culture, was simply romantic.  I personally liked the theme song for the film “Up Where We Belong” and thought it was very appropriate for the story.  If you have not seen this film-SEE IT!

Movies in September with 80s connections

While Oliver Stone updated Wall Street with Wall Street 2 (which was a real yawn inducer), you can discover at the cinema a current movie in the mode of Wall Street.  Check out Arbitrage, Wall Street for the 2010s, which is also receiving Oscar buzz surrounding Richard Gere’s performance, an actor who hit his stride in the 80s with An Officer and a Gentleman, American Gigolo and Looking for Mr. Goodbar.

In addition, the bike messenger movie  Premium Rush shares some DNA with Quicksilver from the 1980s, starring Kevin Bacon.