Panty Raid!

Revenge of the Nerds turned out to have a lot more substance to it than I originally thought. First of all, the fact that they were in college made it that much more enjoyable, because I feel that you can get away with a lot more things in college than high school. However, one of the great joys of this movie was that it wasn’t realistic at all. I didn’t experience it first hand, so I’m not sure how nerds were treated in the 80’s, but nowadays “nerds” walk among everybody else normally, and they are not made fun of for caring about homework or being extremely smart. Although nobody really wears pocket protectors anymore, either. The first thing I saw that would probably never happen was the fact that the jocks got to live in the freshmen dorms and the freshmen had to sleep in the gym. If this happened today, there would probably be a lot of complaints from parents, as well as the students. It’s completely unfair, but that’s what makes Revenge of the Nerds so enjoyable: there is no limit to what they can do because it is an impractical situation.

Speaking of impractical situations, the main one that grabbed my attention was at the party near the end of the movie. Lewis pretends to be his crush’s boyfriend by dressing up in his costume, and proceeds to have sex with her in the funhouse. When she finds out that it is, in fact, not her boyfriend, does she run away, throwing a fit that she just had sex with a nerd? Of course not, this is the 80’s. She simply states how good he was at it, and was not weirded out at all that he subtly tricked her into having sex with him. It ended well, because she realized how much of a douchebag her boyfriend was anyway, but still, there are many more things to do to make a woman realize that.

Overall, the movie is one big laugh out loud party. There’s nowhere else that would put naked women on plates and allow it to be acceptable. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and will now be using the phrase “Panty raid!” much more often.