Living Like a Jackson

Easily the most influential family of the 1980s, the Jackson’s were able to create the future of dance and pop for decades to come. The most distinguished and well known of the Jackson’s, Michael, aka little Michaels dominated the pop culture world with some ignorantly simplistic yet explosive dance moves. Roll que.Moonwalk.

Janet Jackson, probably the most attractive pop culture dancer of all time Janet killed the dancing scene. Her ignorant dance moves inspired social justice for not just women but all races. Rhythm Nation. If the message isn’t automatically communicated through uniform alone then you can clearly hear the sound of the stomps and musical rhythm.

The question is raised however as to whom is the best of the Jacons, Janet, or Michael?? Obviously Michael was the voice and soul of the oringial Jackson 5 and the most influential of the Jacksons but his dancing was second to none in comparison to Janets. However he did posses the triple threat allowing his popularity to triple tenfolds with the release  of thriller. Thriller. Janet’s stardom could only reach such heights, while Michaels possibilities were limitless.

It may be obvious as to why Janet was casted in the shadow of Jackson but why is it that our generation knows of Michael so well and Janet so little? Perhaps it is due to the amount of depth and influence that Janet placed in her songs. While Michael’s were more upbeat and crazed over Janets spoke to social injustices and human rights. For these reasons both sister and brother can be placed in completely different groups of performers. Michael wished to influence the world in a simplistic manner of joy and dance while Janet wished to influence the world in a positive manner, supporting human rights and discriminating against sexism. Remember the TImeWhat Have you Done For Me Lately.


Janet Jackson fix

You got that right, Janet. It’s alright with me, too.

Driving into school this afternoon for my daughter’s violin lesson, this Janet Jackson song popped up on the ipod shuffle feature.  (Actually, all week the shuffle has been bringing up Michael and Janet Jackson.)  This song, though, had me busting moves down Orange Avenue.  See if you can resist.