In case you have been living under a rock for the last year, YES there is a new release of one of the most popular series in movie history.

Star Wars episode VII is scheduled to be released December 2015

Though there are many rumors of a cast and plot all we know for sure is the return of the cast from episode VI

Director: J.J. Abrams

Harrison Ford- Han Solo

Carie Fisher- Leia Solo

Mark Hamill- Luke Skywalker

Peter Mayhew- Chewbacca 

Kenny Baker- R2-D2

Anthony Daniels- C-3PO

There are rumors of adding two more female characters as well as a male lead to fill the roll of Han and Leis’s son.

But as of right now most is mere speculation. There has been many changes on what the plot may be. Nothing has come out to confirm what the plot may entail. What is thought to be a major part is the inclusion of a younger Jedi, brought up by Han Solo and Leia. There are thoughts of this new Jedi being trained to learn the ways of the force with the Guidance of uncle Luke. But during this training there is thought to be temptation with the dark side of the force.

There is another rumor of twins. A brother and sister tandem of Han and Lei who will also be taught the ways of the force by Luke. In this rumor it is thought that the male lead will be tempted by the dark side of the force and it up to the sister as well as Han, Lei, and Luke to work to make sure there is balance in the force.

But as I’ve stated this is merely speculation and we will not know for a couple more months into production.

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