80’s Breakdancing meets Kung Fu


The Last Dragon

Who doesn’t like Kung Fu movies, romance, 80’s music and Bruce Lee? In this adventure, “Bruce” Leroy Green, the quirky socially awkward teenager, is trying to become the ultimate martial arts master who searches for the mystical “Glow.”

Early on, Leroy is harassed by Sho’Nuff, the clearly well dressed martial arts master, and his cohorts in a movie theatre located in the rougher part of town. The scene is a bit far fetched with everyone talking, throwing popcorn and at one point, break dancing! A huge fight ensues with movie goers taking on Sho’Nuff. They try the typical one on one scenario, only to decimated by quick blows for Sho’Nuff is “the baddest Mo’Fo no doubt in this town!” Leroy having enough jets in the chaos.

Of course, Leroy just so happens to save Laura, the host of 7th Heaven the place to be for rad music and newest freshest moves, after goons try to kidnap her because Laura turned down an offer from Eddie Arkadian.  Just like any good Kung Fu movie, Leroy lays the smack down in typical neck chopping elbow striking fashion to save the day! This scene could not complete with a cool and collected hero taking care of his defenseless woman.

Eddie then has Rock, his head henchman, successfully lure Laura from the 7th Heaven studio into a mobile truck and kidnaps her while Leroy meditates on a crate. Seriously? Enter the cheesy PSA about getting into cars with strangers. Of course, Rock drops a clipboard with Eddie Arkadian productions slapped on front of it. Leroy dawns a ninja costume and breaks into Eddie’s apartment beating up everyone in sight only to have Eddie get the drop and take off Leroy’s mask, surprise surprise! You can beat up a group of thugs, but a fat balding man can get the drop on you!
This compromises his secret identity, allowing Eddie to track him down. OH NO! Eddie then hold a tryout for the scummiest men in Harlem. Okay okay, some guy barks and bangs breaks a table with his head. A bit ridiculous but totally necessary for this movie to be authentic! After Eddie pieces together his team, he approaches Sho’Nuff to take care of Leroy and kidnaps not only Laura, but Leroy’s brother Richie. Gasp! This leads to the ultimate epic battle between Leroy’s ragtag dojo and Eddie’s goon squad. Yes, a little kid opens a can on a few grown men, allowing the two masters to go at it.
Having enough, Leroy final reaches the ultimates level, enter horrible CGI and watch him pick apart Sho’Nuff.
This film is a much see for the awesome break dancing, round house kicks, teased hair and neon colors. Mix in a few “WAAAAAHS!” and enjoy!