One of the top movies of the 80’s


Top Gun has to be one of my favorite movies I have watched; not only because Berlin’s, “Take my breath away” is played like almost every 5 minutes, but because of the visuals. I’m just so amazed of the quality of those shots at a time like this. Today, it seems like those scenes would be so easy to film; I just can’t even imagine how difficult it was back then with their technology.

The Beginning for Tony Scott

The Navy fighter pilot scenes are so intense that I didn’t even have time to focus on the characters and their relationships. It was really cheesy, but managed to be really patriotic. This movie was also a great film for Tom Cruise to start out with; although it really didn’t focus on his character, he managed to grab the attention of the ladies at the time the film was released. And I will just never forget that opening scene… SO INTENSE!

There is no doubt that the director of this film is very talented. Top Gun really established his career as a “commercial director” and supported him in making television spots late into his career. Sadly, however, Tony Scott recently committed suicide by jumping off the L.A. bridge. There is no doubt, nonetheless, that he will forever be distinguished by the intense visual style he elicits into his films that allow viewers to be captured into his huge action scenes. I found it to be a coincidence that at the time I watched this film the director was being talked about all over the news; a rather upsetting coincidence at that (his story could be read at

The sad tale of Tony Scott will forever go down in film history as a tragedy, but he will also be remembered for the huge success he brought about to Hollywood film. Top Gun still is an 80’s classic that would not only boost the success of action films, but will also bring about the big stars in the film industry.




The most famous shot in this film

I was really excited to see this movie, because I really liked the music and I always heard about how popular it was in the 80’s; however, I really wish I didn’t. I did not enjoy this movie at all! I felt like there was really no plot. I mean, I know that it’s all about her trying to get into this prestigious dance school, but it just seemed very disorganized and just all over the place. Also, I just really didn’t like the main character. The movie seemed like it wanted to be a Cinderella movie, but with sex, strippers, dance and good music. The only good part about this film is the dancing. Other than that, it’s socially awkward and just a badly made film. The only thing it encouraged me to do was work out…

I recently heard that this film will also be brought to Broadway in August 2013. I do not know if I’ll go watch it; I just cannot help but think that if the film is as awful as it was, I do not see the Broadway show being any better. The show was originally supposed to be out in the fall of this year; however, due to the lack of Broadway shows available and the unfinished project, they decided to push it another year ( They believe that because the movie was so popular that people will want to see the show and it will attract audiences. On the other hand, I really don’t understand anyone that would want to watch this film.

Lastly, Jennifer Bealss’ dancing is great, but I really didn’t like her character in this film. She just seems so ungrateful and overly sexual. I feel like she didn’t have any respect for herself; she portrayed a good role model in the sense that you should chase your dreams, regardless of the obstacles presented; but that ended there. She’s just someone I would not want to be. This character didn’t really offer Beals a chance to better her career either. She’s just kind of forgotten ( in my opinion).

Also, in a lot of scenes, she just made me uncomfortable. Don’t know how people found her to be sexy when eating that lobster. I just thought it was embarrassing (scene can be seen here: Doesn’t she just make you want to eat some lobster? No, thank you. She should just stick to dancing.