The Dream Team

They had the best players in the NBA, they competed and represented the United States of America, and they came to win the USA a gold medal. The Dream Team is said to be one of the best Men’s Basketball Team to compete in the Olympics. The 1984 Olympics, the Dream Team compete in Los Angeles, California. Team consisted of MJ, Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, the list goes on of all the players on that team. All of the best players in the NBA and in the country, all legends, all hall of famers of the game.

The Dream Team was undefeated, going 8-0 in the 1984 Olympics, averaging 95 points a game. Their opponents only averaging 63 points a game. When the Dream Team won, they won big; there would no holding back from the best in the world. They were not to be reckoned with. “We just want to go out and bring a gold medal back to our country.” Larry Bird said this in the trials before the Olympics games. The team was not only driven by their competitive nature, they also wanted to bring a medal back to their country. The were Americans and they wanted everyone to know they were the best.

The Dream Team 20th Anniversary!

The video talks about the road of the Dream Team and looks back at all the great players, plays and moments of the USA Men’s Basketball Olympic team. The true greatness shown of this team is truly inspiring. The great game of basketball played at such a high level is something special.

Those that were alive in this time and got to watch this team, good for you. I’m extremely jealous; wow what an experience to look back on and remember you were able to watch history in the making.


Dream Team

Movies of the 80s: National Lampoon’s Vacation

You may know that John Hughes wrote 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Ferris Bueller, but did you also know he wrote National Lampoon’s Vacation starring Chevy Chase? There have been a total of seven National Lampoon movies made with the original company and dozens of others made as spin-offs. John Hughes only wrote and directed three of them; 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation, European Vacation (’85), and Christmas Vacation (’89).  

vacation 59

The movie National Lampoon’s Vacation originally appeared as a story in National Lampoon’s Magazine. It was written by Hughes and titled “Vacation ’58.” In fact, you can still read the original short story at the following link:

When a story starts off with the sentence “If Dad hadn’t shot Walt Disney in the leg, it would have been our best vacation ever,” how can you possibly resist?

Prior to National Lampoon’s Vacation, Hughes had only directed a handful of other projects. They include the TV series Delta House, and the films Class Reunion and Mr. Mom. At the time, he did not have the star power he would later go on to achieve.

The synopsis on IMDB says “The Griswold family’s cross-country drive to the Walley World theme park proves to be much more arduous than they ever anticipated.” This brief description doesn’t even begin to cover the “adventures” the Griswolds go in in pursuit of Wally World. Substitute “Disney World” for “Wally World” and you may get a better sense of the movie. If you have grown up in or near Orlando you may have trouble understanding the lengths the Griswolds go to in order to visit a theme park. As someone who was born and raised in Winter Park, I didn’t quite understand the draw of driving cross-country in a crowded car with your siblings just to visit an overcrowded and overpriced amusement park. The hour-long drive I had to undergo as a child in order to visit Mickey Mouse seemed daunting enough. However, if you’re not local, you might have a better understanding of the excitement that surrounds a family trip to one of the most popular amusement parks in the world. Either way, this film is still funny thirty years after its release.

Chevy Chase, of Saturday Night Live fame (and currently NBC’s Community), stars as Clark Griswold. He really was an excellent comedic actor when the film came out. His timing was fantastic and he played a perfect frustrated and overly-stressed father.


If you haven’t seen the film, it’s worth a watch; it currently has a “fresh” review of 94% on, which is extremely positive. As alluded to, the movie is about a family trying to make their way to Wally World, “America’s Favorite Family Fun Park.” Chevy Chase’s character, Clark insists on driving, despite his wife’s insistence that they fly. This is a decision he will ultimately come to regret. He and his two children pack up their station wagon and attempt to drive cross-country (from Chicago to LA) to visit the infamous theme park. Multiple mishaps occur along the way, resulting in maximum frustration (and plenty of humor for the viewer). Surprisingly, the movie has a body count. Without spoiling anything, I will say that two characters die. This only serves to amplify Clark’s anxiety and nearly drives him (no pun intended) mad. By the time the remaining family members do reach Wally World, chaos–and hilarity–ensues.

Caddy Shack


If you don’t know Caddy Shack please just leave. Stop reading and leave, I don’t care if you are five or fifty you can not humanly function without the experience of watching Caddy Shack. It is a classic of all classics. You have the dynamic duo Chevy Chase and Bill Murray fresh off the SNL scene. They carry the entire film. Guess what? You can actually hate golf and still enjoy this movie!

Alright I’ll give you quick run down of the film. It takes place on a golf course (for our slower viewers) and more or less follows a caddy who is trying to win a scholarship for school. This course is part of a snotty country club which is practically controlled by the Judge (you’re going to hate the guy).

Anyway our caddy Danny starts to learn some tricks of the trade from an exceptional golfer Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) and ends up joining Chevy’s team in the Caddy Day golf tournament.

But really this movie isn’t about the golf or the caddying, it’s about the gofer.


The gofer is destroying the golf course, as most gofers do and it is up to Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) to stop the varmint. This is where movie history is made. Some of the most quotable scenes come from the interaction of these two characters.


But this isn’t the only comedic genius in the film. Meet Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) probably one of the loudest and most obnoxious person you have ever met. You love this guy, this guy is the best, he is the worlds greatest antagonizer, the dude does not care.

How many one liners does this guy have? Obviously not enough.


The niece of the Judge is a hard ten. Lacey Underall (Cindy Morgan)  doesn’t mind getting around but we love her for it.

Lets not forget Chevy Chase

I won’t spoil anymore but watch the film, like i said it is classic.

P.S. Bill and Chevy don’t have lines in the entire film


All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine


Going through high school did you ever come across that one kid who just never really seemed to be with it? You ask the kid a question and before he answers his mouth opens, roll in the back of his head, and you can almost see the little clogs in his head trying to process your question? I’m sure you have, everyone has. This kid is the most laid back kid in the entire school. He is almost impossible to hate, if you’re a student. This kid is a teacher’s worst nightmare, he simply does not care.

Enter Stage left, Jeff Spicoli



Jeff Spicoli, played by Sean Penn, is this kid, he is the one who does not really see the point of high school. In Fast Times at Ridgemont High there are multiple plots, but none better Spicolli and his lack of ambition.

Spicolli himself goes through a transition from the kid who did not care to graduate to the kid who found out he has the ability to graduate. This realization was due in part to Mr. Hand.



Mr. Hand saw that Spicolli had the potential to graduate even if he didn’t see it himself. Each day Mr. Hand would try to get him to learn with not much success. Then he finally stepped up his game and went over to Jeff’s house. He made him study that entire night until he learned all about US History.

Hey I know that guy

Learning about Cuba, having a feast

I don’t know

Filmed in 1985 and based on a story Rollin Stone published about the life a typical high kid in the 1980s we see many resemblances in todays life. The film fully captures what it was like for teens in the 80s and the film continues to stay relatable to today’s high school teens.

All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine

Surfer’s Dream


Weird Science


Filmed in 1985, John Hughes produced a teen film based on the premise if Al Feldstein’s “Made of the Future”. Like many of John Hughes’s films, this one takes place in a fictitious suburb, Shermer, in Chicago, Illinois.

The plot is focused around two nerds, Gary Wallace, played by Anthony Michael Hall, and Whyatt Donnelly, played by IIan Mitchell-Smith. The opening scene starts with the two boys watching the girls PE session while talking about what they would do to two specific girls in the group. This scene ends when two of the school bullies Ian and max played by Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Rusler, pants the two boys causing a lot of humiliation.


From this the two decide to create a woman, but not the blow up doll or paper merche style woman, but a real life like woman. This part of the film is similar to the classic tale of Frankenstein. Using Wyatt’s computer and hooking it up to a barbie, the boys are able to create this perfect woman (Kelly Lebrock).

Their initial plan is to create some form of popularity for themselves, the two boys are tired of being the nerds that no one notices and they hope that this woman could be their big ticket to popularity.

But in order for this to happen the two must grow as individuals and realize that they don’t need to be popular to be happy. They eventually learn to be happy with themselves and in return are happy all together.

The film ends with a giant party at Wyatts house and the entire school is invited. But even though it is their party, Wyatt and Gary are still too afraid to socialize with others.

It is up to Lisa to change this and by doing so she creates barbarian bike riders and has them crash the party. It is up to the two boys to get them out of the house and save the girls of their dreams.

Opening Gym Scene

It’s Alive

Uninvited Guests

Also this movie’s title song was performed by American new wave band Oingo Boingo


Ralph Steadman: Unreal perspective on the world

Growing up, my parents were huge advocates for the eccentric artist Ralph Steadman. My favorite collection has always been his1973 illustrations of the classic story, Alice in Wonderland.

I guess I’m one of those kids who is ‘drawn to the strange and unusual’ and these paintings struck a note with me. My love for Steadman has steadily grown since I have been in collage, especially the day I met a young woman who had a tattoo of another one of Steadman’s renowned works on her back shoulder. She wound up be becoming one of my best friends and my great-grandbig in my sorority family. For all of you Jurassic Park fans, she also has a huge T-rex tattoo on her thigh (obviously my second favorite).

I wondered what kind of work Steadman put out in the eighties. The piece above was an illustration for the novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson. It was originally published in two parts in Rolling Stone magazine in 1971, and later made into a book.

The eighties was a strange time for EVERYONE, especially Steadman. I discovered two collections Steadman put out in the eighties that are very strange and thought provoking.

Ralph discovered a new way to manipulate polaroids while on vacation in Turkey during the hot summer of 1980. He began distorting and remolding the faces of the rich and famous.

These polaroids are so visually striking and eerie. The distorted image of Marilyn Monroe represents Steadman’s commentary on conventional icons of beauty. And Nixon literally looks like something that has crawled out of hell. His collection has been celebrated for its satiric style, much like caricatures/political cartoons.

My second favorite collection Steadman released in the 80’s is his 1989 collection called, HUMANITARIAN.

Ralph has always been a humanitarian at heart and his concerned for the welfare of the world is embraced in this collection.

“His continual inspiration has always been the desire to change the world, his continual disappointment is that he has not changed it enough. Steadman makes us face the worst in ourselves in this collection.” – comments on HUMANITARIAN

He has donated countless images to charity and provided the art for many campaigns including Save the Children, The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture and the Campaign which eventually led to the freedom of the hostage John McCarthy.

 “It makes me so desperately sad to witness just how unforgivably wretched our world has become.” – Ralph Steadman

1980 games and toys that you can still get today

Well, if you are interested in 1980s and the toys and games of the 1980s, this blog is for you. I know myself and I love history so just looking back at the 1980s is awesome but what is even more awesome than the 1980s itself? The toys and how kids played and acted compared to nowadays! so here you go:

Nintendo Power Glove. Never used it or even heard of it for that matter until this blog but it looks sweet.

Nintendo Power Glove

The Pee Wee Herman Doll. I do not know what to think about this. I wrote a blog earlier about Pee Wee Herman and all about him but what is the significance of this doll? Kind of creep.

Talking Pee-Wee Herman Doll

He-Man and MOTU Castle Grayskull. Looks sweet. Definitely would have played with it if I was a kid in the 80s. Kind of reminds me of legos.

He-Man & MOTU: Castle Grayskull

My Buddy and Kid Sister. Creepy, just creepy. Reminds me of the Chucky doll. What is the purpose of this. But yet again what is the purpose of dolls in general?

My Buddy and Kid Sister

FireBall Isalnd. Just a sweet looking board game. Catches your eye. For sure would have played it.

Fireball Island

My Little Pony…

My Little Pony

The Smurfs. Who knew that they came from the 80s. Not me! But awesome. Cannot hate on the Smurfs even though the movie was not to good.

The Smurfs

Girl Talk. I do not know what this is. Kind of reminds me or gives an excuse for girls to gossip?

Girl Talk

Game Boy. By far the coolest invention, toy of the 1980s!

Game Boy

All in all, I would have to say that the boys had the better selection of toys from the 1980s. Girls just generally had dolls and Girl Talk. What can they possibly do with that? The boys on the other hand got transformers, Star Wars, legos, and action figures. Boys totally dominate of choice of toys from the 1980s.

Things Kids from the 80s Can Only Remember

The Muppet Babies….I do not know… Apparently people argue that they were better than Arthur. I would have to disagree.

That Muppet Babies is greatest cartoon of all time (sorry, Rugrats ).

He-Man and She-Ra. They are brother and sister but people thought they were sucha hot couple together….interesting.

Even though they were brother and sister, you thought He-Man and She-Ra made a hot couple.

Th Cosby Show. One of the best TV shows ever. This one is not all about the 80s kids. I think many people know this one. Great great show!

"Must-see TV" meant The Cosby Show .

This one is very sad. But remembering where you were when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. This is very similar to the explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia on February 1st, 2003 when it exploded on re-entry.

Remembering where you were when the Challenger disaster happened.

The caption where is got this picture of the Breakfast Club, reads, “Trying to be as cool as the teens in John Hughes Movies.” Right on with this one. John Hughes movies, especially teen movies were great, really entertaining. I would be lying if I said I did not have interest in watching more of his films.

Aspiring to one day be as cool as the teens in John Hughes movies.

Pop Star movement. yup, defiantly do not remember this. Probably would not have taken notice or part of it anyways. Haha

Being either "Team Cyndi" or "Team Madonna."

The original Transformers Movie. So apparently Optimus Prime dies in this movie. Yeah I feel bad for the kids in the 80s who had to see this. He is such a boss. He saves the day in all the transformer movies nowadays! Cannot believe he died in this movie!

The emotional blow you felt when Optimus Prime died in The Transformers: The Movie .

The collecting of Garbage Pail Kids….what? I think it is a good thing that this only lasted for a short time in the 80s…

The joy of collecting Garbage Pail Kids and putting the stickers on your bedroom wall.

Hahaha this one made me laugh. I think this personifies the 80s for kids today and what our perception is. When i think of the 80s, I think of neon colors and outfits that make you stand out. Well, here it is. the neon biker or leggings that girls wore to school.

That it’s perfectly acceptable to wear neon spandex biker shorts with just a T-shirt to school.

Continuing the trend of 80s clothing, the pegs on your jeans. A staple in the 80s and still is today for kids who try to replicate that.

Taking that little extra time in the morning to get the perfect peg on your jeans.


Patrick Swayze

This blog would not be complete without a post dedicated to quite possibly the sexiest man who has ever lived. That’s right I’m talking about Patrick Swayze.


Ok so Swayze who has captivated women young and old got his start acting on Broadway as Danny Zuko in the musical Grease. Double yum. His first film was playing the part of Ace in Skatetown USA.


Obviously most people have never heard of that movie, but they should because he takes off his belt uses it as a whip and roller figure skates. It is a must see. Seriously. His real breakout role was in The Outsiders where he played the highly muscled hunky Darry: older brother with a heart of gold.


He went on to star in such famous movies as Dirty Dancing, Road House, Ghost, along with a bunch of movies in the 90’s that arent nearly as exciting as his 80’s sex symbol roles. Interestingly he acted both on Broadway and in London’s West End– obvious proof that he wasn’t just handsome, but talented as well.

Some of my very favorite Patrick Swayze moments include his first dance with Baby in Dirty Dancing where he demonstrates that he truly is a “love man”. Also this scene where he appears like an angel from heaven to bring to Baby the gift of sexy sexy dance. And of course you can’t forget his hungry eyes scene. Don’t get me started on Time of My Life….

Perhaps his most famous scene ever is a scene that I’m certain caused many women to take a new interest in pottery. Like seriously pottery wheel makers have probably never been so happy as they were when this happened. Seriously I tear up just looking at it. Its ridiculous.

So as everyone knows he passed away September 14th, 2009 leaving behind his beloved wife of 34 years– the love of his life whom he met when he was 18. I don’t like to think of Patrick as dead. Instead I like to remember him like this:

128933_2 dirty-dancing

And like this:

Dirty-Dancing-Still-Patrick-Swayze-Jennifer-Grey-01-400x300 patrick_swayze_stars_in_dirty

R.I.P Patrick. You are missed.


The Outsiders and Food

So the food situation in The Outsiders is kind of bizarre. There seems to be an endless supply of chocolate cake in Darry, Soda, and Pony Boy’s home. For a family without a mother or father where both adults work two jobs these cakes are perfect. I have tried to make layer cakes and it is not easy! These cakes are perfect level and frosted flawlessly. I just find it super hard to believe the realism of more than one of these cakes existing in a house belonging to three men.

I mean seriously look at this cake!


I get the symbolism of having Twobit eat chocolate cake and beer while watching, judging from his muscle shirt, Mickey Mouse sprawled on the floor like the overgrown kid he is, but still not super realistic.

According to the internet in the book The Outsiders, Johnny’s nick name was in fact Johnny cake so its possible that some of the scenes cut from the movie explained why these cakes were present other than their use in establishing the fact that the greasers were actually a group of overgrown kids that lacked any responsible adult or authority figure in their lives. The internet seems to be kind of obsessed with deleted scenes from the film. Here is a reel of said deleted scenes and they actually really explain a lot about the background info of the film.


Creation of Seinfeld

On July 5th, 1989 NBC launched the first episode of the hit series Seinfeld. It aired for nine seasons. The show is set in Manhattan’s upper west side on an apartment complex. The show is a handful of Jerry’s friends and acquaintances but mostly his best friends. Many of Seinfeld’s shows are based of his real life experiences that are recreated in the show and shown through the characters. It has also broken a lot of mainstream TV and became the first to do so since Monty Python. This is postmodern. Seinfeld states that the show is suppose to show humor and especially with some of the characters in the series. The humor in this series is suppose to be funny because of the fail or disastrous results of the other characters. Importantly, the show also never wants to make you feel bad or sorry for the characters even after Susan’s death, one of the characters.

This family sitcom is unlike any other. The show  has its own structure and is developed by presenting a thread and story line at the beginning of every show. the rapid scene shifts between plot lines help bring the stories together. Unlike most sitcoms, Seinfeld does not follow a pattern. the characters stories and life events vary and intertwine in each and every episode. What helps this situation is that the stories in previous episodes are expanded on and brought up again in later episodes.

Even though the show started in the late 1980s, the show has become so popular and is still popular with many people even though it does not create more shows, the re-runs are entertaining as ever. This is because it was a revolutionary show that became a hit and model for future shows and movies. one of the best shows to be created.

The Goonies To Return?

The Goonies

Richard Donner, director of the successful cult children’s film, The Goonies, recently announced that a sequel has been confirmed! Also famous for directing the Superman  and Lethal Weapon movies, among others, Donner’s The Goonies still has a high fan base today, with many excited fans anticipating a sequel.

Richard Donner circa 1987

The original Goonies first hit the big screen in 1985. In the movie, two brothers named Mikey and Brandon come from a family that gets caught up in a financial crisis because developers seek to destroy their home and build a golf course in place. To save their home and stop their family from moving, these guys team up with an adventurous group of friends and find themselves on a treasure hunt. Mikey had discovered a map in his family’s attic and from thereon out, the crew sets out on a quest with the guidance of famed “One-Eyed Willy” to find his hidden fortunes. However, this cavern that holds their sought after treasure ends up being beneath an estranged family, The Fratellis, who threaten the kids throughout the film and want nothing but money (Gekkoism, anyone?) so they also seek the hidden treasure when they hear of its existence. The movie sets up lots of laughs along the way, with mishaps and adventures lurking in every corner of their adventurous journey. Also, hidden in the Fratelli’s basement is the infamous character the gang stumbles upon named ‘Sloth,’ and he’s creepy looking, but a dude you definitely want on your team.

Here’s Sloth saving the day:

As for the sequel, Donner told gossip site TMZ that he hoped to bring back all the stars for a follow-up. But what do they look like now? I bet you’re all as curious as I am so…

Here’s Chunk:

Then there’s Mikey:

And there’s Brand: (bit easier on the eyes)

Donner hopes that these stars, as well as some others, agree to come back together for a sequel after seemingly parting ways since the movie’s release date in 1985. Fingers crossed!

You’re welcome.

Pee Wee Herman: Who is he?

Pee Wee Herman. Who know that he could actually mean so much to life and little kids. I always thought that it was for comedic purposes and just pure entertainment but nope, not that case. In his show, Pee Wee Herman helps teach kids with helpful life lessons. Pee Wee Herman’s character helps teach these lessons through his character demeanor and humor. Along with this Pee Wee helps spark creativity and imagination from kids. Some things that go unnoticed is that Pee Wee Herman is also very popular with adults and grown ups. First started in 1986 with CBS, those in their late thirties and early forties still enjoy this show today.

Along with his show, Pee Wee Herman has and interactive website that allows you to explore his playground and learn about things that he has in his house and what he wants you to learn. Merchandise is also a huge factor in Pee Wee Herman as you can buy shirts, Christmas tree ornaments, hats, DVDs, books, buttons, and lots lots more.

An interesting side of Pee Wee Herman is that his age has never been stated. Throughout the TV series and movies, he is portrayed as a grown man but has stated in interviews that he is the “luckiest boy in the world.” He acts childish, cheerful, and flamboyant but he also portrays and evil side that makes us question his age. We see this evil side when he has the pool battle with Francis in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. e also played vengeful tricks in the aforementioned film and occasionally threw childish tantrums on Pee Wee’s PlayHouse.

So the question is, with what you know and how Pee Wee is portrayed. Is Pee Wee Herman suppose to be a child or a grown man?

Check out Pee Wee’s website: