Listen to the Music

A lot of people have their own genre or genres of music that they love and listen to on a daily basis. I personally like to listen to rap, hip-hop, and r&b. These genres have changed over the years so much, it’s almost like two separate genres. I don’t even think its same music. Some prefer the old school and some really enjoy the new school hip-hop. I think it’s hard for me to decide because I love the old and the new. I feel like they’re both equally great in their own ways. Back in the day rappers rapped about what happened in their lives and real life situations they’ve been in. A lot of rappers, today and back in the day, gear towards rapping about drugs, sex, and money. Now not all rappers do that but some do, and some to it occasionally and some rap about it all the time which isn’t really the best kind of rap in my opinion.

I have a favorite rapper from the 80s as well as now. I would say my favorite from the 80s was probably Michael Jackson and LL Cool J. Today I would my favorite rappers are J.Cole and Drake. As far as R&B goes I would have to say Justin TimberLake. I think he’s the closest comparison of Michael Jackson.

LL Cool J

LL Cool J! He has is 80s swag in this picture. Check out his song. See if you like it!



J.Cole and Drake. Two of my favorite new school rappers and hip-hop artists. The music they make is of its own kind and it takes a certain person to listen to both. Basically you have to be cool enough to listen to this kind of stuff.

Song #1: In the Morning

Song #2: Jodeci

Tell me which song you think is better.

This is the last one. The JT/MJ song. Love Never Felt So Good. 


The Dream Team

They had the best players in the NBA, they competed and represented the United States of America, and they came to win the USA a gold medal. The Dream Team is said to be one of the best Men’s Basketball Team to compete in the Olympics. The 1984 Olympics, the Dream Team compete in Los Angeles, California. Team consisted of MJ, Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, the list goes on of all the players on that team. All of the best players in the NBA and in the country, all legends, all hall of famers of the game.

The Dream Team was undefeated, going 8-0 in the 1984 Olympics, averaging 95 points a game. Their opponents only averaging 63 points a game. When the Dream Team won, they won big; there would no holding back from the best in the world. They were not to be reckoned with. “We just want to go out and bring a gold medal back to our country.” Larry Bird said this in the trials before the Olympics games. The team was not only driven by their competitive nature, they also wanted to bring a medal back to their country. The were Americans and they wanted everyone to know they were the best.

The Dream Team 20th Anniversary!

The video talks about the road of the Dream Team and looks back at all the great players, plays and moments of the USA Men’s Basketball Olympic team. The true greatness shown of this team is truly inspiring. The great game of basketball played at such a high level is something special.

Those that were alive in this time and got to watch this team, good for you. I’m extremely jealous; wow what an experience to look back on and remember you were able to watch history in the making.


Dream Team

What Fashion would you capture in the 80s?


Fashion in the 80’s was completely different then it is now. Women were styling with their scrunched up or poofy hair and huge gold hoop earrings, and a pearl necklace, while the men wore their sweaters around there neck and had fanny packs on their hips. We usually associate fanny packs with tourists  because when you go to a place filled with tourists now a days, you’re bound to see someone with a fanny pack, there’s no doubt in my mind. In this generation, fanny packs are associated with unfashionable or old people.


Other than having big curly hair, women, just likethose today, were really into their makeup.They wore bright and heavy makeup making sure everyone could see how beautiful and glamorous they were. Women usually wore light-colored lipstick and dark and think eyelashes. Women had a fashion statement and showed it to the world.


Some men in the 80s went to the preppy look. This included sweaters around their neck, turtle necks, khaki slacks, and polo shirts with a popped collar. Men went for an Ivy League college student with this look. They took on a more classy and conservative look for the ladies. The most popular brands worn by the preppy kids were Izod, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers. This look made men seem more intelligent. I think it’s a fashionable look to a certain extent. I think popping your collar is too much and in this day and age the popped collar is associated with Frat boys. You can’t finish the preppy look without having the shoes to complete the outfit. You couldn’t wear the popular converse or newest Air Jordan shoes with a preppy out. That just doesn’t work. You have to be wearing loafers, or as must people know them, BOAT shoes. Without boat shoes you can’t pull off the look. They’re a necessity.




gay or preppy






80’s Fads

The Magic Cube; six-sided, multicolored puzzle that we have come to know as the Rubik’s  Cube. Meant to twist your mind into a pretzel. Some people take hours, some take minutes, and others in seconds. The Rubik’s cube is meant to test your mind and challenge your mind in ways that your mind has never been challenged before.


Super Mario Bros was one of the most popular games in the 80’s and it has carried it’s legacy into this generation. Mario was designed in 1981 and he has been seen now in over 200 games. Everyone knows who Mario is because he is such a cool character. He is one of the most well-known characters in the world, recognized all over the world. The Mario franchise has sold over 210 million units and is the best selling video game franchise in the world. If I can find the time to play Super Mario Bros I most definitely would. It’s a great game.

A 500-Point Run!

The Pogo Ball, invented in 1987 was a very popular toy to have as a kid in this time era. It’s like a pogo stick in the sense that you jump around with it but obviously, instead of a stick, its a ball. Easy enough. This toy is great for your cardio vascular endurance. It also helps increase your balance. A great toy to keep the kids active. I wish more kids would use the pogo ball because the U.S has become such an obese society. Toys like the pogo ball are a lot better than video games, which is what they generation has come to know and love. With all the technological enhancements in the world, kids now have video games, iPads, phones, computers. Kids can literally stay inside of their house all day and be completely satisfied because of all the technology that’s been created. It is something I’ve never seen before.

group pogo

Classic MJ

Just taking a look back at a classic of Michael Jackson also known as the King of Pop. True greatness. His voice, his dancing, his swagger are all put together in a stellar piece of work. This video was and is still one of the most popular videos in the world. Thriller has two grammy awards including Best Video Album and Best Video, long form. Thriller also won four MTV Awards including: Viewer’s Choice, Best Choreography, Best Overall Performance in a Video, and 100 Greatest Music Videos of all Time. This song and video is the hit of his album, also called Thriller.

This video was filmed in in Los Angeles at the Palace Theatre. The budget for the video was 500,000 dollars; pretty pricy back in that time era. Thriller sold nine million units which makes for a great profit and a huge success. The album “Thriller” sold over 50 million copies internationally.

Michael Jackson is such an inspiring artist and musician. The way he presents himself, not only in this video, but in all his videos and performances is truly the best. If you’ve never heard his music or seen him perform, live or online, you must take it back and catch up on your Michael Jackson knowledge. You’ve missed out on a lot of great music.

He was the face of pop culture for over four decades because of his dancing, singing, and fashion. Everyone wanted to be like him, dress like him, dance like him, people wanted to be just like Michael Jackson.

You can thank me later for showing you this wonderful piece of work. I know that you all will enjoy it. And for those who already have seen it, there is no harm in watching it again!

It is a must see; just take thirteen minutes out of your busy day, sit back, and watch greatness at work.

Check this video out!