The Heat is on!



Beverly Hills Cop, a movie from the year 1984, displayed a story about a Detroit police officer who doesn’t quite fit in with the culture in Beverly Hills when dealing with a murder case.

Before this film, Eddie Murphy was not really well known, but this movie definitely increased his popularity and portrayed his comedic genious persona.

The cop has this kind of cocky, but funny personality that amuses the audience. Murphy exudes this cheeky character, but manages to compliment this behavior with comedic instances that really entertain anyone who watches this film.

Hilarious scene from movie

In addition, like Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop also has a soundtrack that became extremely popular in the 80’s and even today. When I heard the opening song to this movie, I could not believe this was where the song came from. I have heard it in recent movies and in games, but I would have never assumed it originated from this film. The song has this mixture of pop and like techno, which is odd, but it somehow manages to be really catchy (allowing it to still be popular today).

Theme song

The song is really uplifting and fun.  It’s got a tune one can easily sing and hum. The beats and tune allow it to be really different from other songs at the time, but it also becomes a bit messy and entertaining. Sort of how the main character of the film is. The theme song of this film really resembles that to Axel’s character.

It’s a shame, because I feel like Eddie Murphy’s talent is so visible in this movie and now it seems to have died down. The movies he makes today are no comparison to Beverly Hills Cop. Today, I think a lot of people would agree that this film has to be one of the best and most entertaining cop films.


Who you gonna call?


There is no doubt that this 1984 supernatural comedy film has become popular throughout the world. The tale of these three unemployed professors who go on to catch ghosts in the city of New York  is a success in using these two genres to entertain the people at the time.

When I chose to watch this movie, I had no idea how funny or entertaining it would be. I always thought that it looked corny. However, the blend of special effects and comedy really makes this film a fun movie to watch.

Bill Murray’s first big role

I was a little confused when the essence of evil took form into a giant marshmallow man, but it still managed to work for the film, and essentially, set it apart from all the other films at this time.

Marshmallow of evil

In addition, with the success of the movie, came the success of one of the most famous songs in the 80’s. As the line goes, “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” really portrays the true success of the film. Everyone is similar with that phrase.

With the release of the movie, the release of the main theme of the movie came out. Ray Parker Jr., the composer of the music for this film, actually had a lot of trouble writing the theme for this film. The issue was resolved when he saw an advertisement on television. He wanted the song to take a catchy tune like advertisements did. As a result, the song was #1 on the charts for 3 weeks straight.

Theme song

The success of Ghostbuster’s continues on even today. The theme for the music can still be heard on the radio, at theme parks, etc. The movie was even able to get a show to come about about after the movie was made. Universal Studios even had a show dedicated to the movie that visitors can go see when visiting the parks.

Show Intro

Consequently, this film was so successful in the 80’s that even today we are aware of Ghostbusters.


James Cameron really out does himself with The Abyss. I honestly had no idea what I was in for when looking at the trailer, but I can say that I am not disappointed. The setting for the movie itself is the best. A lot of people fear the ocean; it’s size, it’s darkness, it’s lack of familiarity. All of these aspects really make it a well done movie.

When this submarine encounters aliens, we know that something new and unexpected is coming to the screen. The pictures, some of the shots, and the situations not only make this film intense, but it also makes it an enjoyable watch.

This movie brings all of people’s fears into play; claustrophobia, death, the unknown, betrayal, etc. Not only does it make it a suspenseful journey to see the outcome of our beloved characters, but it also highlights on emotions that later affect the audience.

James Cameron focuses on all these situations and encounters that people fear, therefore, making The Abyss a haunting and stressful movie experience. But it definitely shows how film making progressed into themes that delved more into human emotions and just advancement in new ideas.

No one ever considered the abilities of going underwater, talking underwater, etc. Cameron wanted to set the level in developing new ideas for the film industry. It was far from being one of his big accomplishments, however, he managed to do something others didn’t even think about doing. That’s what makes this film so enjoyable  to watch. I wish he would have continued making more movies like this instead of Titanic, but oh well.

I found a video of Cameron talking about this movie and I think it really sums up the amount of experience and knowledge he gained from making a movie like this.

I also read that the movie has an alternate ending that is available on one of the DVD’s. Cameron had to change the ending to fit the Hollywood idea of a happy ending; but from what I hear, the original ending is what really makes this movie so distinct from all the other movies in the 80’s. I haven’t seen it, but I definitely plan on it.

Weird Science

This movie that came out in 1985 is about 2 nerdy boys who somehow manage to create a woman of all their dreams. Instead, the result is far more than they expected. 

John Hughes, with no doubt, knows how to target a teenage audience. He took the popular notion of male fantasies regarding women and made a fun, new comedy out of it. Not only did this film highlight on the personas of adolescent males in a comedic way, but he also managed to focus on the advancement of technology at the time. Computers were only just fresh and new, therefore, this idea that computers can even generate the girl of your dreams seemed ideal with all the tasks it was already accomplishing.

I found this ad on Youtube and I just can’t help but laugh. Not only cause of that weird pointing finger salute thing they do, but also cause of the music and just how old these computers really are. This also shows that sort of new idea that with technology, we can do anything! Even create a new hot girlfriend for boys.

Also, they don’t just choose some ordinary girl for their creation. They end up with Kelly LeBrock, a huge heart throb from these times.

I mean, hello, she’s gorgeous.

I’ve read that there have been several talks about a remake and that several actors, like Roberty Downey Jr. (although he was in the original), would still like to see one. However, many people fear of ruining a film that was a great film and success when it was released.

But anyways, Lisa, Kelly LeBrock’s character, makes our two nerdy main characters out to be real men by the end of the film. However, there are still several hilarious, crazy obstacles they must face on their journey to manhood.

Hughe’s film, no doubt, highlights a huge portion of adolescence in the male population. Weird Science depicts this, however, in a fun and light manner.


One of the top movies of the 80’s


Top Gun has to be one of my favorite movies I have watched; not only because Berlin’s, “Take my breath away” is played like almost every 5 minutes, but because of the visuals. I’m just so amazed of the quality of those shots at a time like this. Today, it seems like those scenes would be so easy to film; I just can’t even imagine how difficult it was back then with their technology.

The Beginning for Tony Scott

The Navy fighter pilot scenes are so intense that I didn’t even have time to focus on the characters and their relationships. It was really cheesy, but managed to be really patriotic. This movie was also a great film for Tom Cruise to start out with; although it really didn’t focus on his character, he managed to grab the attention of the ladies at the time the film was released. And I will just never forget that opening scene… SO INTENSE!

There is no doubt that the director of this film is very talented. Top Gun really established his career as a “commercial director” and supported him in making television spots late into his career. Sadly, however, Tony Scott recently committed suicide by jumping off the L.A. bridge. There is no doubt, nonetheless, that he will forever be distinguished by the intense visual style he elicits into his films that allow viewers to be captured into his huge action scenes. I found it to be a coincidence that at the time I watched this film the director was being talked about all over the news; a rather upsetting coincidence at that (his story could be read at

The sad tale of Tony Scott will forever go down in film history as a tragedy, but he will also be remembered for the huge success he brought about to Hollywood film. Top Gun still is an 80’s classic that would not only boost the success of action films, but will also bring about the big stars in the film industry.



A not-so lost ending

Today, the story of vampires is so popular. However, the circumstances are completely different. For instance, in today’s fiction novels, vampires sparkle in the sun, they fall in love and they don’t even cringe to the presence of silver or holy water. Instead, they just kind of look like this:

This is disturbing and just so weird.

Which is just, so very disappointing. The image of vampires has changed so greatly that people don’t fear them nowadays. Instead, they create crazed and obsessed fan clubs that fall in love with them. The Lost Boys managed to maintain the image of a real vampire in a fun and terrifying way (the way it should be).

The Lost Boys has a to be a great teen horror movie…for the 80’s. I may be biased now, because horror movies have come a long way in film, however, this movie really portrayed the talent and advancement the 80’s brought to film (and it didn’t even need good-looking, sparkling vampires to do so). Although it may not be the most frightening movie you have ever seen, it is still able to be funny and manages to contain some twists and suspense. Basically, it’s a hell of a lot better than Twilight. And it just sticks to the idea that vampires are supposed to seem dangerous and scary.

I mean, just look at this guy.

Vampires suck human blood, an act that I find to be disturbing and frightening;  not appealing or something I think would be fun to experience because the vampire’s good-looking.

The viewers are able to relate to some of the teenage characters that battle these vampires and sort of build this friendship with them that makes the film easier to watch (not to mention, some of these guys are very good looking).

The director is able to include some horror, comedy, teen romance, violence, and action aspects that make it a pretty great film to watch.

Here’s a fun reading about some of the difference between ways vampires are portrayed in certain films and why The Lost Boys is a fun to watch:


The most famous shot in this film

I was really excited to see this movie, because I really liked the music and I always heard about how popular it was in the 80’s; however, I really wish I didn’t. I did not enjoy this movie at all! I felt like there was really no plot. I mean, I know that it’s all about her trying to get into this prestigious dance school, but it just seemed very disorganized and just all over the place. Also, I just really didn’t like the main character. The movie seemed like it wanted to be a Cinderella movie, but with sex, strippers, dance and good music. The only good part about this film is the dancing. Other than that, it’s socially awkward and just a badly made film. The only thing it encouraged me to do was work out…

I recently heard that this film will also be brought to Broadway in August 2013. I do not know if I’ll go watch it; I just cannot help but think that if the film is as awful as it was, I do not see the Broadway show being any better. The show was originally supposed to be out in the fall of this year; however, due to the lack of Broadway shows available and the unfinished project, they decided to push it another year ( They believe that because the movie was so popular that people will want to see the show and it will attract audiences. On the other hand, I really don’t understand anyone that would want to watch this film.

Lastly, Jennifer Bealss’ dancing is great, but I really didn’t like her character in this film. She just seems so ungrateful and overly sexual. I feel like she didn’t have any respect for herself; she portrayed a good role model in the sense that you should chase your dreams, regardless of the obstacles presented; but that ended there. She’s just someone I would not want to be. This character didn’t really offer Beals a chance to better her career either. She’s just kind of forgotten ( in my opinion).

Also, in a lot of scenes, she just made me uncomfortable. Don’t know how people found her to be sexy when eating that lobster. I just thought it was embarrassing (scene can be seen here: Doesn’t she just make you want to eat some lobster? No, thank you. She should just stick to dancing.